Hurricane Humor

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Hurricane Humor

Post by Librarian » Tue Jul 19, 2005 7:56 pm

You know you're living in Hurricane Alley (the Gulf Coast) when...

You have more than 20 C and D batteries in your kitchen drawer.

The freezer in your garage is full of homemade ice.

You flinch when you are introduced to a person named Charley, Frances or Ivan.

You find yourself dropping words like "millibar" and "convection" into everyday conversation.

Your pantry contains more than 10 cans of Spaghetti O's.

Making coffee on your propane grill does not seem like an odd thing to do.

You are thinking of repainting your house to match the plywood covering your windows.

When describing your house to a prospective buyer, you say it has three bedrooms, two baths and one safe place.

You are on a first-name basis with the cashier at Home Depot.

You are delighted to pay $2.99 for a gallon of unleaded.

The road leading to your house has been declared a No-Wake Zone.

You decide that your patio furniture looks better on the bottom of the pool.

You have the number for FEMA on your speed dialer.

You own more than three large coolers.

You can wish that other people get hit by a hurricane and not feel the least bit guilty about it.

Three months ago you couldn't hang a shower curtain; today you can assemble a portable generator by candlelight.

You catch a 5-pound catfish. In your driveway.

You can recite from memory whole portions of your homeowner's insurance policy.

At cocktail parties, women are attracted to the guy with the biggest chain saw.

You have had tuna fish more than 5 days in a row.

There is a roll of tar paper in your garage.

You can rattle off the names of three or more meteorologists who work at the Weather Channel.

Someone comes to your door to tell you they found your roof.

Ice and methods of securing plywood to your windows are valid topics of conversation.

Relocating to North Dakota does not seem like such a crazy idea.

The space in your garage is consumed by a portable generator and plywood, so you have to park in the driveway.

You waste half a tank of gas waiting in line to fill up.

You consider a new career in the construction industry after learning how to rebuild your own house for the third time.

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Post by lunaria » Tue Jul 19, 2005 11:20 pm

I found that funny, and I don't even live near the ocean! Does that make me odd? O.o

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Post by Rain ForestMoon » Wed Jul 20, 2005 12:23 am

Yes, I can relate to that.

Only difference is that here we call them "Cyclones" and not Hurricanes, and the barometric pressure is measured in "Hecopascals" (hPa) and no longer in Millibar.

But the effect is still the same...


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Post by 2Crunchy » Wed Jul 20, 2005 4:57 pm

That works for the outer banks of North Carolina, too. Very cute!
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Post by morgana » Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:47 pm

Sounds pretty familiar to me as well, lol. :lol:
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