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Damh the Bard

Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:59 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
I have discovered a wonderful Pagan folk musician named Damh the Bard. If you have a chance, look him up. I discovered him after stumbling across Merlin am I which moved me. I am posting some YouTube links so you may check out some of his songs. (They are my favourite so far)

Merlin am I

The Selkie

Pipes of Pan

[url=ttp://]Damh the Bard's YouTube site[/url]

Enjoy! I know I am! I will be buying his CDs and his songbook when I can. So far does not look like he's coming to Canada :( However, he's playing at Witchfest this November in the UK!


I forgot to add Damh's personal website from which you can buy his music, read some poetry and prose, etc