Another new poem

A song in my heart...
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Another new poem

Post by runewulf » Sat May 16, 2009 7:08 pm

A soft breeze blows forth,
whispering soothing sounds.
Murmurred words sing out,
a lost home now found.

Wandering through the darkened wood,
feeling something stirring within.
A soft glow draws me forth,
and the magic does begin.

Turning towards the light,
weaving round tree and stone.
When at last I find the source,
I utter forth a soft moan.

Skin like moonlight,
eyes rich and dark.
I know at once without a doubt,
love has found it's mark.

Her creamy skin and sweet lips,
cause my thoughts to roam.
The sound of her voice whispering forth,
drops me to the loam.

Hiding within the shadows thrown,
enraptured through the night.
I observe this ethereal beauty,
whose skin glows like the moonlight.

As the dawn approaches now,
the words become more clear.
"Come forth love and be with me,
I am yours my dear".


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