The Throng

A song in my heart...
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The Throng

Post by Hytegia » Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:35 am

This was a poem of an experience I had once in an old house that's long gone now. It was once a place of gathering for many Spirits and other things, despite the disintrest in such matters down here in Nowhere, Alabama. :P

It twas the Night of Hallow'een
as I walked upon the street.
I walked upon an old old house
that I thought was kinda neat.

This house (it was an empty house)
was old and creaking still.
But in my heat I knew well
that something was a thrill.

Upon the roof my arms did take me,
my Spirit was at my side.
Into that window he did lead me
Into that dark, black tide.

But in that house I felt a presence
as if a deep blue sea.
For I had some small sense
that something was watching me.

I had lit up a candle,
so my sight I would Restore.
But then my eyes caught some glint
from behind a closed door.

My heartbeat quickened and pounded
and in my mind I saw them.
A list of fears flew through my mind
like they were theieves and I a gem.

Slowly my hand pryed open
that handle of old brass.
Untill there was such a stir
that I fell on my a**!

'Twas a throng of many Fae
a gathering oh so bright.
They had thrown me a Party
on this very night!

We danced and merried in the house
untill the night was done.
We ate and drank and made merry still
untill the rising sun.

I'll never forget that old old house
that I was led into.
I'll never forget those old old friends
who's names I'll ne'er construe.

For I am a man of many things
and many you cannot see.
I am a friend of the bars and the stars
and I do say so with glee.

For I am the Wizard (bold and proud)
and what I tell you is very true.
Make your friends among Spirits
and they'll make friends with you!
"Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink."

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