The Beast - A Poem on Evil

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The Beast - A Poem on Evil

Post by Hytegia » Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:07 pm

This is a poem I wrote once when I was angry over a certain person's actions, and the dire mistake I almost made when I realized the truth. This is about what happened, and what would have happened if I had made that choice...
It is to accent the idea that Evil sent, especially in Vengence, will be Evil wrought back onto you in more than consequences. Evil breeds Evil is the real theme of the story, and I hope you enjoy this poem.
(Some of you may notice that I have woven some quotes from Crowley in here. Good for you! *Cookie*)

The Beast
I rant, I rave, I rape, I rage,
But in my soul my mind doth cage
This heartless Beast I cannot halt
(yet into his Anger I find no fault).

For into this night my heart did find
A Love that made me ever so blind.
For in this light I had found
Not a touch, not a sight, not a sound.

For in this light a Phantom drew near
And in my stupor, could not hear
The wailing, gnawing, and gnashing of teeth
And (to my pockets) was a thief.

The Phantom seduced me under her spell
And took from me – I cannot tell –
Beneath her scared and flailing wings
I had lost all joyous things.

And she left me worn and tired
Seeing what she once desired.
For when I saw what wrath she wrought
I felt the Insides of me Knot.

That Whore! That Bitch! That Thieving Hag!
Into her net I had been dragged!
I was blind, but now I see-
I see the true pain she’d caused me!

I cried out to the Spirit's in Heaven's abode
To free me from this sinful load
That the Phantom had wrought to me
That should be Wrought to her times Three!

Now within me this Beast grows
From the hairs on my head to the ends of my toes!
He fits, he rambles, he flails, he staves
And within my Soul the Beast does phase.

For I am the Beast, ravenous and Tall
Within my heart there’s no withdraw
My pockets are empty, my Heart is Atone
And now, I simply Walk Alone.
"Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink."

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