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Try not to laugh too much

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 12:31 am
by Dark Waters
OK, I found an old notebook of mine from when I was a lot younger, a lot more idealistic and a lot more pretentious.
Anyway, I thought I would share some selected poems I wrote from back them.


Night, I stare at the stars as they oddly shine
While I pass through the streets walking, thinking
Thinking thoughts as dark as the black sky above
For I am walking alone through this world looking

Looking at the small wisps of light in the night of my mind
But like the stars, they are far away and I am unable to hold
Hold their promise for they flickers and fades just out of reach
And their worth is diminished by distance leaving my heart cold

I am alone in the night waiting for the promise of dawn
Wondering, waiting, watching for sunrise over an endless sea
The sky never seems to lighten but darkness only stares back
I turn away thinking that perhaps there is no sun for me

But then a ray of light shines out from behind, taunting me
I stop, hoping, praying that this is what I am waiting for
No it is only the moon, brighter, but just as cold and distant
I continue to walk away leaving tears scattered on a shore

The tears are gone now and I am unable to cry anymore
They leave an emptiness in their place waiting to be filled
Nothing comes in though but the occasional flash of light
But then the sparkle fades leaving the dark more pronounced

I am so tired of this endless night but sleep will not come
Laying awake under the sky tossing, restless while I moan
"Why was this fate chosen for me?" but there is no response
"Please answer me!" I scream, then whisper "Why am I alone?"

The Empty Man

In the realms of time and space
Every creature has its own place
Some are born with nobility and pride
Others are birthed with emptiness inside
An empty person whether born or made
Live their lives as a pale tortured shade
Can it be true, as I often hear
That without love death hovers near
I say that no love means no man
So enjoy life whenever you can

By all the gods, I was a depressing kid ](*,) ... You could say I was emo, before being emo was cool.
Funny now that I think back on the time, Now it is all reversed, I shun the sun and relish the night.

Re: Try not to laugh too much

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:52 am
by Dark Waters
These next ones are ones I would write for ladies I wanted to get ... uh, more familiar with ...


When I think about you, my lady
What can I say except "You are my World"
There is no one thing you do for me
That doesn't pale all other women beside you
It is just you and all that you are inside
Pulling at my heart and soul when you're around
And it leaves me with warm memories of us
When I have to be alone far away from you
You took my heart and filled it with love
Your light brightened my soul ending the dark
That had become my life before came
Now I have another chance because of you
I want you to share that chance with me
To be there for all my joys all my life
But I will never have more joy or love
Than I find in just one person, my love, you.


The spakling dance of her eyes
and those knowing gleams
She always understands more
than it usually seems
Her face and her manners fair
add to that wondrous mystery
Making it plain and open to all
but also hiding so none can see
Those things hidden in your heart
she shows you the way to find
With a voice a soft as velvet
and the wisdom of her agile mind
But we can not forget as we stare
that she posesses great beauty
All around her is an exotic sense
flowing like a river unto the sea
Her manner is both easy and wild
and she does seem care-free
But she is also proper and splendid
as a Queen of medieval royalty
Let all who come before her
now make a friend for life
And we shall all envy that man
who will seek to make her his wife


She has brought back unto the mortal world
a beauty that it has for too long forgotten
It is the beauty of the lovliest elven maiden
So very rarely ever seen by the race of man
Her features are delicate, so finely sculpted
As if done by the immortal artisans gone so long
Then touched by Mother Earth to be given life
Hers is the type of face only now seen in song
Lighted from within she gives an etheral glow
And her eyes sparkle with merriment and joy
As if the sun, moon and stars joined as one
Giving them a dancing show like a child's toy
But no child's toy is she but an adult's dream
A dream of the spirits of ancient sylvan race
Seen as if surrounded by fog but yet so clear
Every detail sharp as it can in a dream's place
Let us not forget that behind this beauty
Is a mind as sharp and quick as a knife
And that underneath them all is a heart
Full of compassion and the full love of life

Re: Try not to laugh too much

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:44 am
by Max
I like reading old poetry I have written, I feel like I can really see what my heart was feeling back then. Do you feel that too? When I came across some a few months ago I surprised myself with the intensity of the feelings I had in the past, the memory of which had faded through time. Thanks for sharing! :-)