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Baked Apple Thing

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 6:26 am
by Lotus
Here is my infamous apple thing that is so well loved that it is even horde-able. :roll:
Mind you that it is a very unconventional recipe and mostly my own strangeness.

Baked Apple thing:
Set oven at 375*F

1/2 cup of butter melted
¼ cup of almond meal (finely ground almonds)
¼ cup of flour
1 package of instant Quaker Oatmeal Honey Nut flavor
1/8 cup of light brown sugar
A handful or two of salted nuts (optional) Pecans, slivered almonds, or walnuts work the best. Peanuts would just suck with this.
Can be doubled if you have a wider container or more apples.

Apples pealed, cored, sliced
Cinnamon and sugar in proper proportions
A dash of ginger
A dash of nutmeg
A dash of cloves
A extremely small amount of salt
A extremely small amount of apple cider vinegar (less than one cap full sprinkled about maybe a teaspoon)
A small bit of flour

Mix topping ingredients and set aside
Mix filling ingredients in oven proof casserole dish
Spread topping all over filling and sprinkle a handful of nuts on top if you feel like.

Bake for about 45 mins for a few apples about an hour for anything over a half a bushel

If you use margarine then use half margarine and half butter but do not completely use margarine for the whole amount. Land O’ Lakes lite butter works well and is not as greasy.
Do not cover when baking in the oven.
The topping should be lightly browned both fluffy and crunchy.
The filling should be spicy be careful not to use too much sugar since the topping is sweet and buttery.

Edited because of typo

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 7:30 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
[It] is so well loved that it is even horde-able.
:lol: So it seems!

Sounds very good. I'll have to try it!

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 11:37 am
by Willow
sounds a bit like an apple crisp, thanks

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 12:18 am
by Lotus
Willow wrote:sounds a bit like an apple crisp, thanks
What is unique about this recipe is that it is almost a hybrid of apple crisp and cobbler. If it were a crisp then the butter would be room temp and the whole mixture crumbled on top.
Other than that you are is a bit like an apple crisp. :lol:


Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 12:47 pm
by Stormy
Sounds lucious - will have to print that out and try it!

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 7:12 am
by Lotus
I did not notice this mistake until I went to make this need a 1/2 cup butter not 1/4 cup.
Also, you can make double the mix if you have more apples or a wider container.
Sorry about this typo. #-o