Story Reference needed.

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Re: Story Reference needed.

Post by Kystar » Thu Jul 31, 2008 7:19 am

Ragnar, I was fairly certain that I was going to find nothing appropriate, I think I mentioned that before.
Kystar wrote: I know that usually you don't find complete evil in the old gods/mythology...but a friend suggested adding a dark god to help the, I thought I'd see what's out there.
But "evil" is dependent on the culture describing from the point of view of some mythology, to the people it was written BY, the god could be considered dangerous or not working in mortals' best interest. There ARE cases of a Heathen culture calling something "Evil"...but that's mainly applied to supernatural creatures that go against the gods/natural order to cause problems for no good reason. Or people who have defied the gods and become monsters in punishment.

What I was considering looking for was a god of destruction for the sake of destruction, but I didn't even find that...which means that the idea is not going to work in the story.

I was trying to avoid demons for this...I didn't want to go into that sort of thing. I sort of wanted to keep it as gods helping these mortals b/c either they're bored or they're trying to achieve something. Demons go into things like summoning and control and crap that I didn't want to try and figure out.

I'm officially asking that this topic get abandoned/closed because I'm not going to pursue this plot twist any longer, so I won't need the research assistance. Thanks for all the suggestions, people, I appreciate it...and trust me, if I ever need some sort of supernatural suggestions for a story, I'll be popping another topic up, don't doubt it!
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Re: Story Reference needed.

Post by Ragnar » Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:18 am

It is a good subject.

If any one wishes to continue on the "good/evil" theme then please feel free to carry on from here in a new thread.

I am SURE you all know how to do that? :roll: ;)

O.K. Locked.


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