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Opinions about possible attempt at spell on me

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 8:38 pm
by Stormy
I have reason to believe that someone may have tried to put a spell of some type on me with my help. I'm going to try to not go into really deep detail about this person, just the need to know facts, so you can see why I think this may be the case. I'd like any opinons and input on this.

An older man bought some feathers from me on eBay about two months ago. When someone buys something from you, even if you don't have it show up on the invoice, eBay will give them your phone number if they ask for it. So I got a call from him the day after he won the auction. Very unusual for someone from eBay to call.

My first instinct was that he was a bit of a wierdo and perhaps was after something, but, gullible person that I am, as he continued to talk I thought that maybe, just maybe, he was simply an older fella (he's 65) who is lonely and wanted someone to talk to. I had (note the HAD) an "about me" page at eBay that explained a bit about myself and my artistic inspirations, including that I study and practice core Shamanism. I think he latched onto that and he was going overboard on the "deeply spiritual" thing, which was what threw up a red flag for me, but, like I said, as he kept talking it was almost like I was lulled into thinking he was harmless.

He speaks with the same tone of voice that the old American Indians use, I'm sure you all know the accent I'm talking about. He bought the feathers to use in Indian crafts. I actually thought he might be Indian but when I asked he said "I'm an Indian trapped in a white man's body". He wanted to know if I raised the birds myself, if I could raise birds - he's looking for somewhere to get a steady supply of special feathers. He was very eager to give me the name of a woman who owns a shop in New Mexico where I could send my handcrafted Indian type items to be sold, he acted as if he was just trying to be nice and give me contacts. But he was also asking for contacts himself, in a coy sort of round about way. I'm not selling on eBay anymore so I didn't really care if he knew some of my feather sources, or how I dye feathers, or where to buy the special dye so I gave him the information.

He called again when he got the package and wanted to thank me and say how nice they were and ask if I raised the birds. No, I told you that before, I don't - oh, oh, that's right. So that made me think "aww, poor old fella, just can't remember stuff and needs a friend." He told me he was sending me something. A few days later I got an envelope with a small sample feather to show how he paints his feathers, printer pictures showing further samples of his feathers and some of his handcraft items. He also included a tiny white medicine pouch he'd made with some bison fur and white sage in it, it has a red neck cord. It is very nice and I was deeply touched. I did completely cleanze the pouch at my altar and personalized it with the addition of a few of my own items so it was purified and cleaned of any of his energy put into it when he made it. I don't get any bad vibes from it at this point though I DID feel the need to totally cleanze it as stated.

OK, this is getting long so I'll sum up - I ended up sending him a package of feathers for Christmas - I've felt compelled to call him twice with information he needed and he calls me A LOT and always is talking about what he can do for me as in "I'll send you some of these turkey shoulder feathers I have" and "If you need a special feather let me know and I'll look in my collection." etc. He also mentions what he's trying to do for me like try to find fly tying stuff, working on "special medicine for you" etc. Mind you since the pouch and feather he's sent nothing and really, I don't care, as I don't want anything from him. The more I talk to him the more I've started to feel the initial discomfort and misgivings I got as my "first vibe". He's also asked me about another eBay seller who has special feathers and raises the birds himself (he also mentions in his about me page that he is spiritual) - he said he's bidding on some of this sellers stuff because he wants the phone number so he can call. That says to me he's looking for ANOTHER person to hit up for free feathers in the future.

So the last time he called the first thing he says to me is "Do you have one of my cards or a piece of paper and a pen?" Then he says to me, I want you to draw like a figure 8, start in the center and go back around. I felt strange about this, didn't know where he was heading, and I felt compelled to do it. When I had done it he says, "Now fold that up and put it in your pocket or wallet and keep it with you and take it out and look at it every day every time you think of it. It took mine a good while to work, and I'm not one to play the lottery or anything but I won $800." and he went on about it and I did put it in my wallet even though I felt like he was up to something, I just felt totally compelled to comply, EVEN THOUGH it made me uncomfortable. When I got off the phone with him I got to thinking that he said the things about winning money to try to make me think I HAD to keep the thing and do as he said. Over the next several days I never took it out and looked at it as he'd asked because I kept having a nagging bad feeling about it that said "get rid of it" but every time I determined that I had to destroy it, somehow I'd get distracted. Until tonight when I remembered it and I said THAT'S IT!!! I went and got it and tore it to pieces while thinking "He has no power over me" then I threw it into the trash and just built up powerful energy, almost as if my spirit was acting out on it's own saying "it's about time, let's do this" and I just bombarded those scraps of paper with force while saying several times over "He has NO POWER over me! It is DONE!".

I know, this is so freaking wierd, I FEEL like a wierdo over this, but my sixth sense was just screaming to get rid of that symbol and it's been telling me that this fella just wants what he can get from me. I had the feeling as if he had me make that symbol as part of a spell of some sort on his part to "bind" me to him and "make" me send him more free stuff. It sounds crazy, even to me as I say it. So anyhow, sorry this went so long, but the crazy woman here would like some opinions as to just how wacked I am being about this or not.

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 9:22 pm
by Lotus
Ok, the figure "8" is also the infinity symbol that is often used in money spells. In fact, I have used this symbol for such things.
Some people have the ability to use consciousness to bind people by manipulating something within their mind. This is what this guy seems to be doing or trying to do. If you have someone focus on a symbol while you focus on the same symbol is how this sort of binding works.
I think you have it head on that he is trying to bind you financially to him.
Always obey your instinct.

This is not crazy. People manipulate people for many reasons.
Remember: Not all old people are nice and not all children are innocent although society likes to dictate this ideology.

Also since this came to my mind to tell you:
Cursing works because the other person believes that they are cursed


Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 9:30 pm
by Stormy
Lotus wrote:If you have someone focus on a symbol while you focus on the same symbol is how this sort of binding works.
I think you have it head on that he is trying to bind you financially to him.
Always obey your instinct.

Also since this came to my mind to tell you:
Cursing works because the other person believes that they are cursed
Yes, that makes perfect sense now - I didn't know the infinity symbol was used financially. And yes, I do completely understand the mental aspect of "believing" one is cursed. That is why I think my sub-concious/spirit so compelled me to very forcefully "mentally" remove what I perceived as a type of "curse". I felt MUCH better once I'd destroyed the symbol, a sort of release - and I feel as if I've "broken thru" the web he was trying to weave over me. It's scary how some folks work at your mind.

Thanks for taking the time to read all that and give me your thoughts on it, truely appreciated :-)

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 10:00 pm
by Kystar
Honestly, he did sound manipulative and somewhat shady from your description. A bit of a con man. I'd say to do a complete cleansing of your house, and anything you got from him, followed by a warding against controlling or malicious influences.

Definitely ranks on my "Creep-o-meter"

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:04 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady

Sure sounds like he's cooking up something.

Stormy, I want to thank you. You have just convinced me of my original plan: One of my clients calls a lot and gave me water from his water drum to use as protection, as I was getting psychic attacks whenever I sent him Reiki (that was why he came to me, because he was being attacked from everywhere!). My first plan was to ceremonially give it back to the earth under a Cedar Tree. He keeps asking if I have used it yet, and I almost was going to tomorrow, thinking, "Poor old guy. He's got good intentions." THANK YOU!

Cut the cords connecting you two. Get into a deep meditation and look down at yourself. Do you see anything negative connecting you two? If you can, try and see anything that he's trying to do. Ask your Guides (or whoever you ask, depending on religion) what exactly he's doing.

A key thing is just empowering yourself. You've already taken away what definately sounds like manipulation and spellwork, but there may be more. Check especially around your head, which can be difficult to see, but ask for clear sight and clear guidance.

You're strong, and I have no doubt in my mind that anything he's sent you can easily just shrug off, and you know how to shrug it off exactly, but it is a matter of seeing it and recognizing it as something that needs to be shrugged off, but you've got that covered already, it seems. :-D :-D You're good!

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 11:56 am
by Stormy
I did a total smudging of the house today, all the while envisioning all negativity and bad influences leaving. When I was done I stood in the approximate center of the house and pushed a heavy duty "white light" protection out and around the house.

Before doing the above I gathered everything I could find that came from him - letters, business cards, the feather and yes, even the medicine bag. I was sure I had two of his business cards but I could only find the one. I am hoping that the smudging will have negated the other one, where ever it may have gotten to. As for the pouch, although I had personalized it with items representing my two animal guides and I thought it was "clear" when I asked my guides they said it was still tainted and must be gotten rid of. I told them I felt bad because I'd put personal representations of them on the pouch and didn't want to ruin those, but they said they were helping to keep the "bad" inside the pouch and were ruined from being in contact with it and working against it so it all had to go and I shouldn't feel bad about it.

Now here's the really creepy part - if it could possibly get any creepier or crazy sounding - I took all the stuff outside and put it into a coffee can to burn it. There were only a couple of pieces of paper, the small feather and the very small medicine pouch with a tiny amount of Bison fur and sage that he'd put into it plus two feathers and a small carved bead I'd added. Not a lot of fuel to burn but that stuff WENT UP. It burned and burned for at least 10 or 15 minutes, maybe longer as I didn't have a watch on me. I could sense him when it was burning. YIKES! This guy must be pretty powerful, been at this a long time or something. This is my first really bad experience with something like this and I want it to be the last. It makes me feel "violated" that he tried to control me like that! And it makes me feel stupid, gullible and weak that he almost got away with it :cry:

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 12:57 pm
by Kystar
I'm glad you managed to clean things up well.

There are all types of people in this world...and even the creepy nasty people do teach us things. Next time, I'll bet that you'll be a lot quicker to sense these types of motivations and machinations!

Good luck in keeping him and his ilk at bay!

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 6:13 pm
by Stormy
Hey, one more question - should I just not pick up the phone (he never leaves messages) and hope he takes the hint, or should I flat out tell him I don't want anything to do with him anymore? I really DON'T want to talk to him on the phone because I think he is one of those who can use the voice to control - it's the only thing that makes sense considering I got a bad vibe at first but somehow he managed to get me to "rethink" it and push it aside with all sorts of mental excuses. He gets email, but he NEVER sends email - I think for the very reason that his strength in manipulation lies in actually speaking to someone.

I am concerned that if I tell him off and anger him he may try doing all sorts of nasty things and I worry that I am far too new to this to be able to defend against everything he might try.

Sorry to have been such a "newbie" pain in the butt about this - but like I said, not something I've had to deal with before :oops:

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 6:30 pm
by Kystar
I'd go for the "accidentally on purpose-ly" missing his calls.

You're right, even if you were more experienced, you don't want to throw down a gauntlet, as it were. Simply being unavailable will probably help best, hopefully you have Caller ID.

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 10:45 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
Don't feel badly. It happens. It's a lesson, and a very effective one. We've got to crawl through the mud before we can look up and see the better path we should have taken. Anyone who progresses in their spiritual work goes through something, or many somethings. You should be glad that you were able to see it at all, while others stay totally blind.

I love Native American ways, I love the spirituality, but there are so many people who get a lot of power and then use them for bad things.

Personally I wouldn't directly tell him that you don't want to speak with him. If he's done this much secretly, he may do something out in the open. I would practice maybe cloaking yourself for a while. Imagine your aura as a cloak and no one can see you, blending in with your environment, etc, and if you do talk with him, tell him that you are needing a long long break from Native American ways and are going a more European root. Maybe you've found God through Xianity? Just an idea. Lies aren't good, but he has already been deceptive. Other than that, yes, just block his calls.

I definately recommend working on cloaking, though. I just have a picture of him coming to "check" on you astrally (psychic spying!)

Good luck!

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 11:02 am
by Stormy
Well, I did send him an email last night, just to try to cover my bases a bit, very simple, not a confrontational one, and very true - he had mentioned the feathers several times even though I'd told him I didn't need them and I wanted to have an "out" so to speak if a package comes from him...
Just wanted to tell you again, to make sure you don't send any, I picked up a lot of turkey feathers and don't need any. If you did mail them already, I'll go ahead and send them back to you so that you can give them to someone who can use them.

Also, will not be available for phone converstation - just much, much too busy now.
Now, the scary thing is, he's been calling and calling today. What's wrong with email, eh? I won't pick up, maybe he'll figure it out. But I have the feeling he is irritated, possibly even angry. I feel uncomfortable. I'm going to work on that shield/cloak.

What is wrong with folks like this? Makes me wonder just what he wanted by trying to bind me financially to him - it would be pretty petty if all he wanted was more free feathers.

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:04 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
A few feathers here, a favour or two there... People like this always seem to me to hold people as preserves. They're bound in their cupboards until winter or they want a bite of something richer.

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:10 pm
by forgotten oceans
WOW!!! That's one of the reasons I follow my gut when it comes to young, middle aged, and old ppl. This guy sounds really creepy! O_o And like he's been doing that for a long time on lots of folks. Something tells me that the "Indian trapped in the white mans body" must have done something not good in his past life to have his spirit punished like that. It reminds me of the priest and the goat story posted under the stories topic. Hopefully he'll get the hint and leave you alone. Just in case, you might want to come up with a strategy. If he starts working up some major mojo, it would be good to be prepared.

>Makes me wonder just what he wanted by trying to bind me financially to him - it would be pretty petty if all he wanted was more free feathers.<

Feathers today, your first born tomorrow! What bothers me is, the big fuss over home grown chickens. Because if they were feathers from your chickens, that's real close to hair or nail clippings. Those chicks would be full of your essence, as in: love for your critters is the same love for your self(sorta, not exact, but close). And he asked you more then once, which tells me he's not paying close attention to your answers, kinda like you're just another name on the list. I'm kinda worried about your situation, I think you can handle it but I also think you should keep your majick box handy and ready, he went through some time with that pouch, you were gonna be one of his long term investments, he won't likely give up so easy. I'm gonna keep you in my prayers. [-o< The main thing is to start beefing up you shielding. If you have school aged kids, a good way to keep them safe without having to tell them much is to empower a small pebble or a little salt and drop it in the bottom of their book bag, chances are they'll never notice and you won't have to worry much over them. Works well with the car too, and hubbys briefcase, creativity's fun! :-D

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:28 pm
by Stormy
Humm, I hadn't thought of having to protect hubby. Fortunately no kids involved. I will set about doing something to shield Ken too, when he's outside of the house shields.

I have learned a lot from this experience, one important thing is that if I'm going to try to ignore my sixth sense, I'd best not also try to ignore my guardian spirit or spirit guides. They say that hind sight is 20/20 and I have to fully agree here. I have a statue of a large black dragon which I spent a good deal of time and energy on until it attracted a protector dragon spirit to watch over us, the cats, the house & stuff inside - I've become rather tight with him. He'd been acting a bit aggitated/skittish/irritable as of late and I just sorta ignored it. When I finally got my head on strait about this guy (his name is Jim, btw) my guardian was like "It's ABOUT FREAKING TIME!" :oops:
My spirit animals were also a bit disgusted with me for ignoring them - it was actually them that told me how to "personalize" the pouch with items related to them and which I found out they did so as to help them protect me from it.

Yes, a major learning experience this has been!

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:52 pm
by davisherm

I'm very glad you severed with this guy. He sounds like bad news all around.

From the sound of it, this guy was probably working you though the first couple of steps of control. He definitely sounds like the sort of person who can manipulate with voice and if he's gifted in the arcane, then he's absolutely the sort of person you want to avoid having any further contact with. Block his email address. If you have the option from your phone company, block his telephone number.

And definitely take spiritual precautions.

Warding is always good. Also, I really like the suggestion of wearing your aura like a cloak. Drop off the map for a little while. And ask your totem spirits if they feel they can be more aggressive in their protections.

You have a dragon spirit? Glad to hear it. They're tough guys and wonderful to have in the home. Very protective of their people.

As always, I'm going to stress amethyst and trees.

If you don't already have one, you may want to invest in a good sized hunk of amethyst crystal to act as a catcher for negative energy. And any trees on your property may be interested in helping guard you. It's their land, too after all. Go talk to them and see what they think.

We'll be praying for you.