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Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:13 pm
by Hytegia
I know it may be somewhat of a minorly disputed topic, but I want this one to talk about Past Lives, and beliefs on them... And the Stories they may have brought up.
What really got me thinking of this was a vision I had in a dream-like state.

I was in deep meditation, and I felt myself in another body, doing something that I wasn't too unfamiliar with! I was pondering in a quiet study, with many books and things about me. Quill in hand, I looked about the room and lifted my hands, waving them. I invisioned a magick web connecting all of them, and then I had a "Eureka!" moment!
All things are connected! BRILLIANT! I hurried and scribbled down the words:
"All simmilar things are connected - therefore all Simmilar things can draw power from one another."
(The words were in a strange language... But I knew what they meant. I think it was some form of Archaic German)

I've had several visions of myself as this man, but know not a single thing about the man! It's like he was me, and I was him. I do believe I was experiencing a ReCognative memory of a past life, by accessing my soul. I even saw what happened at one of my Past Life's deaths (not this one, a different one). It was all so odd, but so omforting.

So, tell your Past-Life stories, or if you believe in them at all!

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:17 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
I had a "memory" recently while doing a ceremony during my bath. (Best time!!) I connected with a past self, a native american man (a Shaman) many years ago, before Columbus. He was doing a ceremony to connect with one of his future selves - that is, me. It was very interesting, like a "Back to the Future" moment. Anyway, he taught me about appreciating my body and my pale-as-snow skin. He called it "Moonkissed." Now, all my friends who are as pale as me (and self-conscious) gladly exclaim, "I'm moonkissed!" It has brought a good deal of healing all around :)

Other than that, I've mostly visited my past lives to heal the wounds left there. I think in accessing traumatic past lives you also tap into the collective wound regarding that issue/event. I can't tell you how many times I had to go back to lives of burning and religious persecution, until I had to go to the essence of dying in horrible conscious pain and social condemnation at the same time. I had to watch myself and FEEL myself in each moment of one life of dying at the stake, until I saw that before she/I died, I left my body at WILL. I was reassured that the spirit can leave at will. Doesn't help the schizoid tendency to flee, but certainly helps the irrational schizoid fear! (Sorry, talking BBH terminology, not Freudian.) Since healing those collective wounds, it has been much easier to go about life publicly as a Pagan, and, you know, visit church with my SO. As well, it healed my childhood fear of death by fire, and other forms of mutilating and extremely painful death/torture.

I love visiting past lives in healings. There is so much there. Of course, it isn't fun while you're there, as you're often there to heal a wound and it can be very painful and scary to face those things again, but a few weeks/months after, you can look back and say, "Well, that was neat!"

One lifetime my village was being attacked. I think it was Greek - I never pay attention to the era, really. It makes me associate too much with it, and the point of going back is to RELEASE that life - and I watched my child murdered before I was stabbed with a spear through the throat, right through my spine. What I felt was an inability to breathe and a sadness, like I didn't do my duty, and that something was taken from me. It wasn't so much a fear of my death or the idea that I was dying, just this unbelievable sadness and regret, and of course my inability to breathe. My healer watched the life play before her eyes and told me about it later.

Hmm. I guess the only other noteworthy tales would be the collection of past lives that I have experienced and the allies that I have gained. Many beings have come to me stating our past life relationships, and random psychics have always mentioned to me that I was a Shaman in many lives, that I have carried my information over and in those lives I have made a lot of strong and beneficial allies who have promised their aid. (I don't mean "collecting" them as you would Pokemon! I mean friendships, comradery. ) It is a comforting feeling, and it is nice to connect to that sense of many lifetimes of friendship with my main Guide. It also has been incredible in cases of psychic attack - many times, I haven't even realized I was being attacked, because of the many "layers" of protection :) They are all wonderful beings, and like re-teaching me things that I have forgotten in the rebirthing process. I think I am suppposed to do something very important with this life, because each one comes with a new string of lessons. Lately they have been very hard. Thus is life :)

I love when you meet someone who you know you have shared a life with. My mother always swore that our dog growing up was the reincarnation of my great-grandmother.

I guess it is obvious I believe in past lives! I shared some very personal stuff here. :oops:

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:43 pm
by Hytegia
It's okay.

Anyhow, sounds like Greek. What's intresting about my Past lives is that they've all been Wizards or Shamen... Or they've all had the ability but not the means to do it, or had something more important.
Like, once, I DO remember a formation on the field, maybe Greek weaponry. I was being rilled on by a man on a Horse, and I was yelling... This, ofcourse, was an hour or so before I believe I died. The other people outnumbered us SERIOUSLY, with Elephants and archers and crap. I think I had just gotten off a ship, and in my head were thoughts of a family and friends. I got the feeling that they were dead, and that this was probably a battle for vengence.
A Mountainy area, I believe.\
The point of this is that he wanted to be a Sorcerer, but was called by himself to be a hero... And I think I died like one.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:44 pm
by Kystar
The most difficult thing I've ever dealt with is finding someone who you shared a close tie with in a past life, only to realize that it wasn't enough to establish a healthy relationship in this life.

Those who've read my metaphsyical drama queen stories might realize what I mean. She and I were 1/2 sisters in a long ago life. But our family was shattered by internal strife and external sabotage, so it wasn't a good tie to try and build a solid sisterly friendship with in THIS life. Not to mention that some of the personality traits she expected to find were missing b/c I wasn't that person exactly. I've lived different experiences this go-round.

I have one past life that was so dramatic that I'm actually using it as the basis for a novella...maybe novel. I've changed some major points to make the characters more interesting (Let's just say, I understand suppressed rage and the potential bloodthirstiness that can come from it, rather well! In addition to drastically rebelling against the social norms) but the meat of the memories is going to fuel the plot. I'm trying to limit how much I meditate on that life, so as to garner some original material from my imagination, though. As I've changed a major event in the very beginning, it has changed the flow drastically.

I've been drawn to things that have impact on me from a previous existence...but never as clearly as you, CHL.

I know for a fact that I played the violin in at least two past lives. I can ALMOST play it now...just need a lesson or two to remind myself how to translate those memories. I discovered that I know how to spin, extremely well, on first go. I'm almost a complete natural when dealing with horses and dogs, and boats. And, I SWEAR a life was spent as a mermaid...or something aquatic with a fin...maybe a dolphin? I don't know...but I instinctively swim underwater like a mermaid or a dolphin. I have ever since I was small...but I perfected the technique by watching how they made Ariel move in the Disney movie. Say what you like about Disney, but they DO try and keep movements least as realistic as the character can be!

So, yes, I believe in past lives, and I believe that eventually you remember them, if you're open to such things. And some novels probably came about in the same way mine is!

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:05 pm
by Hytegia
I did it. I just woke up...
And I dreamed about my Death in a Past Life. The one with the end of the fight...
I felt a spear go through my leg... I raised my sheild, and busted the spear in half, as I stabbed my enemy in the troat. Red blood sprayed as I flung my shield about and batted someone else down, and at the same time sliced at another spear. I had a few seconds, so I grabbed the spearhead in my right leg, and yanked it out.
A foe came up with another spear, and I flet it go through my shield. Jammed, I took the other spear and stab it into the man's arm, kicking him into someone else as I dropped my Shield. And...
Something sharp entered my shoulder - It was an arrow. And then I felt another in my hip.
I felt myself fall to the ground, and in that haze of blood and shouts, looked into the sky. Time seemed to slow down, and I saw from the heavens black angels looming over it like crows hanging around, awaiting dead bodies. I didn't know who they were, but I knew that they were here for me. I felt my hand reaching for the arrow, trying to break it, but it was useless. It was an automatic response, almost. But I was stricken, looking at those Angels reaching down for me.
And they took me. I could feel nothing- No Pain. No harm. I felt like I had just woken up. I felt - Alive?
Like this wasn't the end... It was just the beginning.

I wonder how that works? Is that special for people who die in combat? Or was it an altered state of mind based on the verge of death? Like a reassurance by the gods that I would meet them again in the next life?

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:50 am
by Crazy Healer Lady
I wonder how that works? Is that special for people who die in combat? Or was it an altered state of mind based on the verge of death? Like a reassurance by the gods that I would meet them again in the next life?
What I have experienced in Hospice is that everyone is met by beings to take them to the next life, based on their world view during their life. I, for instance, will be met by my Guides, and if my love passes before me, then him as well. I have seen one man with a tall dark angel waiting for him; he said he would escort him the next few days. Sure enough, he passed in 2-3. I met a woman who introduced me to her friend, who was a spirit. This woman was so intriguing, and had such a lovely heart. She would flit between moments of extreme coherance to talking with her doll, and talking with her friend. Her friend didn't let me see her much, but the woman said she liked me. She would have been helped to cross by that friend. I have seen others who have met with scores of family members, others who have been met by guides, others by angels. Others have been met by no one, but crossed well enough. Outside of Hospice, I have seen others who have died in terror and could not see their guides; these ones have stuck around until helped across by either myself or a psychopomp.

So, worldview I find plays a large part in the death experience. I have seen beautiful painful deaths and beautiful serene deaths. It is an amazing process and much healing can be got from the death experience.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:14 am
by Kystar
My grandfather took my grandmother when she died. She fell in the hospital and was put on life support, but she didn't want my mother had her taken off it...and we sat with her for a long while. I kept sensing something familiar around the room, until it got really close to when my grandmother was ready to let go...and that's when I realized it was my grandfather's spirit.

Actually, now that I think about, I remember hearing his voice more than anything. He kept telling her that it was time, and she'd tell him he'd pace the room. Finally, she agreed. I wasn't there when she passed, but Mom swears that she felt grandfather's hand on her back moments before.

I'm not sure what's going to take me when I leave this life, because I don't remember details of my most of my deaths. I know in one life I was met by a mermaid, but that life I was a sailor/fisherman who died in a it was appropriate. I'll probably fly out in my Astral form, actually. One of them at least. Either my Great Horned Owl, or my winged form.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:31 am
by Kitsune
Personally, while I believe very strongly in past lives, I've never truly been able to experience anything other an emotion response in them. Then last year, I had an experience that turned me off even looking into it for quite a while (some of you will suddenly remember crazy Kitsune from that time :oops: ).

The only memories that I truly trust as memories were the ones that I visited when I learned my Master Level of Reiki. My guide took me flying, and we sailed over many of my past lives... I couldn't say how many, but it was at least 3 I believe. I asked my guide why she was was showing me if I couldn't get any accurate information about them, and she said that those lives were finished... I didn't need them anymore.

Still, I did occasionally get a glimpse of other people during those lives, although I never saw who I was. I do remember very clearly in one though, I saw a man smile at me. He was Japanese, and although I couldn't place his face in this life, I knew I'd seen him before. All I remembered is that at that time, I remembered that he was wise and someone I respected a great deal.

I saw a picture of him later that makes me feel very unworthy of the experience... and makes me question my own experience. I mean, how arrogant can I be, to imagine that I not only came back that soon, but that I knew somebody important, and was on friendly terms with him.

On a different thread of thought, the images I saw did let me know one thing... why I obviously remember Japan (I've had a few lives there) and will always have a deep abiding need to return home there, even though I've never been there in this life.

I've shared something that I've never told anybody as well now... I think perhaps the mention of past lives brings back memories and emotions in many of us.

Kystar, I have found that writing very painful past life memories into books is actually a rather healing process... For me at least, it makes me look at it from a very "third person" perspective, which allows me to step back, and take it with a grain of salt... which basically means, not letting myself be drawn in by the emotion I feel in the past life.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:43 am
by Hytegia
Well, right now I'm on a roll of death memories-
I don't know why!!! :/

Perhaps (it should be encased in some form of Irony) Death is the most fascinating part about life. Maybe because it's the idea that we don't want to let go so soon that makes death so terrifying. We don't want to leave our hopes, dreams, and aspirations unfinished. We'd had so much to live for. We have family, and friends who'll mourn our passings-
Some people CAN let go. I wouldn't say that I would be one of those, but I would like to think of myself as one...

Anyhow, latest vision (Another Death)-
I was laying before my own body, crying and tears basked on my own face... Slamming my palms against it. It looked like I'd gotten hit by a chariot or something. Based on the attire, I'd put myself in some kind of (not medieval... Maybe Reneissance) Europe.
Someone ran over to my side. A Woman- I think it was my mother or my wife (I can't recall my age at my death, exactly. Could have been one or the other). But she was crying over for me and yelling for help. I was too busy crying over my body to care.
Now, someone in all black approached from the allyway. He was smoking a pipe, and had a hat so that it would obscure his face. I looked up from my body to him, and he walked over to me. MY mother got up and ran for help, trying to hang on to her fanatic of hope left of my survival, as the man contenued his approach.
He knelt before my body, and looked to me.
"What's with your tears, boy?"
That shut me up. Still crying, I looked up to him. The man could see me-
"-Where's your Scythe and robe?" I asked. I wasn't sure if he was Death, but still. The man errupted in abit of Laughter.
"Not QUITE how it works, boy. But you haven't answered my question." He said, touching a line on my body's face, a scar.
"Well, I'm dead, aren't I? I'm a bowl of meat, and my time's up. It's over- My Friends, my Mum, my Girl. I'm at the end!" I was still crying.
"Child," he said, reaching out and touching my arm, "Death isn't the End... It's a new Beginning."
I looked up to him. This wonder that filled my eyes as he used his thumb to whipe away my tears. He stood up, and turned his back to me.
"Now cummon, we haven't got all night ya know!" HE said, beginning his walk.
Now, the curious part of this entire thing. I took but one look at my body, and stepped over it as I ran to catch up with the man... And I knew that it wasn't the end. That it was simply- a new start.
"Hey, wait up old man!"

Could it be said that the tale of the man is faced upon his own death? That many of us are so... HUNG on this life that we can't let it go? But-
These dreams and visions in my meditation. They could be because of my connection with the Spirit World (as a Shaman) and then I'm able to connect with myself on the level of memories?
Maybe my Spirit is trying to tell ME something? :/ I never really tried talking to my own Spirit before, but I guess I could try.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:10 am
by Kystar
Kitsune - I'm not looking at the pain in that life. It's just...the tale of it, remembered from this far so dramatic as to almost fit into a movie or play. It's such a complex story that I'm using it as inspiration.

Since I changed a MAJOR event in the beginning of the tale...In that life, I killed my younger brother in a fit of rage and in order to escape him, in the Novella, my character simply knocks him out...the memories don't mesh with the story 100%. That action...that NOT kill him...changes the flow of the whole thing, adds a whole new level of drama. So, I'm being careful to make the notation...Situation X played out in this way in the life I remember...but b/c R is alive, the situation wouldn't play out that way. Now then, how WOULD it play out? And I try to keep from including too much detail from the as to keep them separate.

Though, to make it easier to write, I've removed it from this world...this I don't have to pay attention to history and can just write it as the fantasy story it feels like.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:37 pm
by Mahala
I know having past lives in animal forms is possible, but it freaks me out just a bit. I've always had the urge to be as far away from everyone as possible. No fences, no cars, just wilderness. I've been good at understanding horses, and when I'm with them, I feel at home, like being with my 'herd'. Sometimes, it all makes me wonder if I was a horse in a past life. (I sometimes share the same reaction to things as my horse, like stopping instantly when I hear unusual noises.) I've never been able to go back and see past lives, though.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:04 am
by Hytegia
I think I experienced a Past life as a Wolf once...
I just have some perks like one. Social, likes to get a big group of like people to hang with, through Pack Dynamics can focous the group's energies toward a goal, and a few other things. :)
Hell, even my FRIENDS call the group "the Pack" and consider ourselves family and each other's stronghold. We're closer than Brothers and Sisters in that group, even though we all have our little dramas going along internally.

But, yea, I think I was a Wolf. Maybe even an Alpha Male (despite my lack of strength, I am still given perks toward my intelligence and assumed Insanity! People TRUST the *Name Censory*). The thing is, I'm not manipulative. I just know how that works if you're in a group of like-minded people. You can focus their abilities toward a goal, and I understand social dynamics within the small groups (Example: There is ALWAYS an HBIC) and I seem to be natural, and can flow better in them.
But, yes, a Wolf in a Pastlife.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:40 am
by Kystar
I have had a strange memory a past life...which I don't believe was on this plane, but I KNOW wasn't astral...I was a woman who could assume the form of an owl.

I could PHYSICALLY turn into an owl. And other members of my family could take other forms too. I have a memory of sewing owl's down feathers into the hood of my cloak, that I'd plucked from myself during the molt, so that my winter cloak was warmer in the hood.

It's very reminiscent of David Edding's Belgarath & family's other forms...except for us, we couldn't take any other form but the one we were born with...which is probably why I was so fascinated by that story arch.

But, it's bled that I can take that form on the astral planes now.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:43 am
by Max
I believe in past lives. But I wonder if the mind can fabricate memories in order to let you heal a trauma in this life by giving it distance, maybe I'm being a bit psych but it's just a suggestion. I've never really looked into my past lives, despite my interest. I've been told I had a brief life in Egypt, an important life in the Greek area, but they seem quite obvious choices given the heavy interest in their mythologies, so I'm not sure. The one thing I am convinced of is that I was a very physical, strong male in my past life with lots of testosterone and aggression. There was a lot of fighting and travelling. Every now and then I'll remind myself that I can't take on the world physically/volume in my present incarnation, it's the passive path for me :-) It's really interesting hearing about everyone else's lives, thanks for sharing.

Re: Past Lives - Stories and Beliefs

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:17 pm
by Hytegia
A new thought-
Maybe you enjoying Mythology and such were your Spirit's response and going: "Hey... Hey, I WAS THERE, MAN! LOOK IT THROUGH. YES. I HELPED FIGHT OFF THE CARTHAGIANS. HELL YEA!" Or something? Maybe an intrest in old things is because of what our Spirit did previously in a past life?

Yes, I do believe it's healing natures... Your Spirit trying to tell it's stories to you.

I WAS sure that I was in Russia when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded... I could have been a mercinary, but still- Shooting bows and arrows, throwing large stones, and doing a bunch of hit-and-run fighting in the icy fringes of Nature against "Le Emerrior de France" or something. Didn't know how that life ended, but I know that I was there.

You think that we alternate Planes when waiting a spike on the Reincarnation Train by living on another plane? Perhaps when we die on that plane we cross over and restart?
This stuff is intresting to think about!