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a dream

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:28 am
by Fairydust
i didnt know where to post this so i thought to post it here.
i had a really..weird dream last night. and id like to be helped into finding out its meaning.

i dont exactly remeber how it started...just that i was sapose to be looking for this if the world was in total chaos and me going here would bring it back to being how it was. so i started traviling and i remeber a man (of course i was more of a woman so we looked about the same age) and he and i starting traviling together. i remeber a coin that he kept with him. it wasnt a quarter or was just some weird coin. i remeber being in nyc looked as if the building were becomeing like or something. and i remeber geting to a dock. where me and this man went into the old womans boat like thing...but it was almost like a submarine...and very small...the seats were very fancy. and i remeber other people getting abord. and this man...he had a musky feeling to him. me and the man i was with sat down next to him. he kept on looking our way. and when weleft the old woman came to me and the man i was with and looked at me. almost as if she knew what i was doing and handed me this locket. this peaked the musky guys intrest...he looked at me and then at the locket. i think it was him who had gotten up and damanded for the locket. and i remeber the man with me grabed my cain took the locket off and threw something at the man. but it wasnt the locket. it looked like his coin. the musky man picked up the coin i guess thinking it was the locked and sat back down. then i remeber our boat going through a city. but me were headed a diffrent way then wherre all the other people were heading. it was almost like new orleans...or that place in italy. any ways it scared me. while everyone was runing one way wem were driving our boat the other. i remeber reacing under a great big orange canopy type thing. where me and the man got out. i put the lcoket then on my chain and back on my neck. we tyhen went into this run down very pagan locking restrant or like tea bar or something like that. we went to the top floor where...(it was like a movie)...we almost kissed when these two men copme out of nowhere and start fighting us. i remeber beating both of them and then taking some kind of traking devices or ssomething in the other. i believe i stept on them breaking them. the man had said we should of taken them with us. but i wasnt listening and didnt care. we then started twards our journy again and walked untill we reached almost a hill after all these destroyed houses there was a just grass for miles. it was so beautiful. it took us up a hill and when we looked over it there were little houses and really tall yellowish green grass. we ran down . at first there was no one around. then him and i looked tward the grass. we saw a fosite like thing. so we started walking. then in the grass little people poped up. more like little boys and girls. they started fallowing us. they looked like sirits or something. they were laughing and dancing. soon we to to the focites where candy and other weirdness started shooting out. the children ran to eat it. and then a gold the color of gholdie locks hair srated spurting out. something pushed me tward it and i grabed it. i ate a piece and i felt...almost new again. then all the children sat down beside us and pointed up. ontop of a hill landing. so me and the man walked up there. it was a green rich grass and once we got up there there was nothing but the grass. nothing what so ever. but then a dutch window shined down on us and the locket started pulling up i believe. this is the part where it gets all blury. i dont really remeber the rest. i think i woke up at this point.

p.s. i know i spelt many words wrong...some that i even know how to spell. but the spell check button wasnt working. sorry.


Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 6:20 am
by Artemisblessed
i wish i could help you here, fairydust, but i don't really know what all of that meant. it was a very interesting read, though.

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 6:19 pm
by soulsearcher
What does total comfort around snakes, black widows, tarantulas and scorpions in your apartment mean? It was in a dream I had once. I had company and they were very nervous...but these animals were like my pets...very "friendly". At least they were to my dream.