Energy Zones

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Energy Zones

Post by Sinh » Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:05 pm

I am a total Newbie so I only have questions. If this topic has been covered then forgive me and pass me onto the correct thrread.
Is it possible that there is an energy line from the east setting sun up towards my house? The sunset beams go up through the valley ( we are on a hectare) through the fork in a tree ( which has a natural face on it that faces the house) and to the exact corner of our house. This spot has been one of great conflict.
Is there anyway to test this spot for the way the energy has been blocked here and is causing this huge amount of fury, and is there anyway to control or remove it?

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Re: Energy Zones

Post by Dark Waters » Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:44 am

Welcome to the boards Sinh,

I am a little confused by the phrase "from the east setting sun up" so forgive me if I misunderstand. I believe you are saying that the rising sun consistently sends beams of light into one particular corner of your house. Also these beams are "focused" by terrain and natural features like the tree. Please understand, I am not any particular expert, but some things resonate so make of this advice what you will.

The rising sun is full of energy and potential and where the rays strike are deposits of that energy, especially with repetition. Now natural magic like that is not good or evil, but it is chaotic and unorganized which would explain the conflicts.

First and foremost is to clean that section of the house - burning sage, salt circle, whatever your preferred method that works best for you. If this is a long standing problem, it may take several cleanings.

Then to moderate the incoming energy, place something in that corner to collect or use that energy. Crystals, Cards, Stones, even books or anything you are looking to "charge." But remember it is wild energy and you will have to focus it if you are planning to use it. Or if there is running water nearby, you can place the objects in it and let the energy wash away. Some type of mechanical object with movement will "use" the energy and prevent an uncontrolled buildup. A clock, one of those shelf ornaments that are constantly moving, etc. You will need to find a balance.

I hope this is helpful to you.
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