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Unique addition to the Air Max

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:02 am
by glaricy
Unique addition to the Air Max

Some athletic shoes transcend their performance roots and become a cultural phenomenon. The Nike nike air max 90 Air Max Plus, released in 1998, is one such shoe.

This unique addition to the Air Max nike air max 2017 dynasty defined the era in which it debuted as well as those that followed. On sale somewhere in the world for close to two decades without any downtime and released in hundreds of colorways and variations in construction that include leather editions, Ultra makeovers and slip-ons, the ultimate accolade for the Air Max Plus was an unofficial rebrand — in some territories it’s better known by the two letters, “Tn,” that represent the Tuned Air it debuted — and the moniker is now standard issue at street level.

While the silhouette’s cult stature is well known, its origin is less established. Designed by industry veteran Sean McDowell, the shoe combines an unlikely aesthetic influence with a trio of never-before-employed manufacturing techniques. Here, McDowell shares his memories of creating the classic runner.

Now, the Air Max Plus nike vapormax flyknit is synonymous with that Tn Air logo, but the hexagonal branding was a surprise at the time for McDowell, who was a week into the sketches, and felt as though everything was coming together nicely. “I didn’t know where we were supposed to put it, but they told me it was a really big deal and I needed to feature it prominently.