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Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:54 am
by Dark Waters
Just hoping for positive thoughts from you all.

I have commitment issues, I know it and I'd like to work on it, but other stuff keeps popping up ... small joke there, little bit funny ... anyways ...

I getting far too big, not just because of Thanksgiving, but just from a lifestyle of sitting at a workstation for the majority of the night, sleeping for a large part of the day and just being at the computer on my nights off. For those that remember I have an odd schedule 12 hour graveyard shift - 4 nights on, 3 off, 2 on, 2 off, 4 nights on, 4 off, 2 nights on, etc.

All my clothes are tight, and I am starting to feel the effects of the lack of exercise. So I have made a commitment to myself that on all my days off I will start going to the gym again, I have had a membership for years, but just haven't gone. So now I am praying to the Goddess and the Guardians to help me keep that commitment, and any extra thoughts and energy couldn't hurt.

For those that ask, the reason for only doing it on the nights I am off is because on workdays I am really pushed on sleep time. Leave work at 6, get home around 7, morning chores and getting kids off to school til about 9, clean up and try to sleep by 10, up about 4 to prepare and get to work by 6. No time for 2 hour gym routine not counting travel time. Days off I can go any time during evening and not feel rushed.

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:59 am
by forgotten oceans
[-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< <~~~~~~Gym prayers. ;)

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:06 am
by Rowan
Instead of pushing yourself to go to the gym all the time, why not use the days where you're pressed for time to go for a brisk walk around your neighbourhood? Also, getting a buddy to work toward your goals with might help. But I know how you feel so I'm behind you 100%. :hug: Also, I've heard that 30-45 minutes a day of good cardio is better than 2 hours at a time for the gym.

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:21 am
by Kystar
Good Luck. :Luck: :Luck:

I am also trying to conquer my unhealthy habits and get into better physical shape. So, I know how hard it is.

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:51 am
by Dark Waters
Thanks all for the best wishes, let us keep hoping.


Good advice and I have thought about it. Yes, approx 30 minutes of raised heart rate per day is enough to keep someone in decent shape. If I remember right, something like 135% of resting heart rate - so say my resting is about 70 beats per minute, I would have to get up to about 95 bpm for 30 minutes. You do have to look at the extra time needed to prepare and get to that target and then cool down, so it really is more like setting aside an hour anyway. However, that is to maintain, to lose, more time and/or higher heart rate is needed.

I need to drop at least 120 pounds I am ashamed to say. I weighed in recently at about 330, not Biggest Loser material but getting there. The charts say I am supposed to be about 189, but I haven't been below 200 since midway through high school. Once, in the military I tried extra training and near starvation diet and got to about 195, but I couldn't maintain that. If I get to about 210, I'll be happy.

Brisk walks are good and if I can't get to the gym, I'll probably try those, but remember my inverted schedule - walk time will be anywhere between 6pm to midnight. Last night I didn't get to the gym until 7pm. Sometimes people get nervous with strange men walking around their neighborhood in the middle of the night.

And I wish I had a local buddy, or in truth any "buddy", but I am more than a bit of a loner and you friends out here pretty much are the extent of my social circles. My wife and kids might help but they are shutting down from their days just as I am getting started on mine so it isn't really fair to them. Getting to the gym, which I pay for membership anyway, with all the equipment right there in front of me gets rid of all my excuses for slacking. I just have to make myself go every day I can fit in.

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:04 pm
by Kystar
There are those who have told me that strength training is a good way to kick-start the metabolism and lose pounds faster. Then again, there are people who respond to strength training and not to cardio, for whatever reason.

My goal is a bit more modest, I need to drop 60 - 70 to get back into a healthy range. But, that's what my Curves Membership is for...I hope. [-o<

And I can understand the inverted schedule to a natural circadian rhythm is nocturnal. Made school and working day jobs a nightmare. I'm most energetic late afternoon until after midnight.

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:32 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
The quickest and healthiest way I know to lose weight is good exercise, and a complete change of diet. You know I'm a huge advocate for raw foods. Message me if you are interested. An amazing woman to check out is Angela Stokes-Monarch at Raw Reform.

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:53 pm
by Willow
Hey DW,
I lost 40 pounds over the course of the last two years, it was hard and it was slow work and it took more commitment than I ever thought possible and I thought I had. There were times when I had to yell at my family to support me rather than thwart me and it took the doctor telling me I was pre-diabetic to scare me into losing it for good.

Try setting a smaller goal initially, even a 10% drop (33 pounds) will make you feel significantly better, and is much more achievable than halving your weight (which is what you will be trying to do if you aim for 133). You need to celebrate milestones or else you will want to give up.

I used weight watchers initially because I needed the support and a system to help me, but then I found a Canadian website (the Eat Tracker at that did almost the same thing for free, and by then I was confident enough to go it on my own (with my friends and family still supporting me).

I got down well below my goal weight but purposely gained some of it back recently, I am training for a 30 k run and I was not built to be down at 130, I was hungry all the time and couldn't eat as much as I liked. You need to be where you are happy.

This is a great time of year to make a new commitment, think of it as a re-birth. If you need any help or advice, I make a casual study of all things nutrition and exercise oriented so I would be glad to help answer any questions or just give you some encouragement. My thoughts and prayers for you as you start this journey!

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:10 pm
by Kystar
Small, obtainable goals are the best approach, I was told at Curves. They basically say it's like climbing a whole bunch of stairs...the little goals are the landings that give you the rejuvenation to keep going.

Though, I'm not in as bad of shape, my current goal is 5 pounds a month. My doctor says that my diet isn't horrible enough to need a drastic overhaul, I just need to increase my activity. I've started 2 days a week at Curves until I start feeling a little more energetic, then I'll bump it up to three days. I need to loose something like 70 pounds, actually, now that I've looked at my assessment sheet. That's just over a year if I keep to the five pounds a month.

So, you're not alone, DW!

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:14 pm
by Willow
Curves is great!!! I know a lot of people who go there because of the support they get.

Have you consulted a trainer DW? I am just curious because if you are starting a new weight regime I don't want you to get injured, that is terrible when you start out.

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:25 pm
by Kystar
Support? Wow, that's an alien concept at the Curves I go to. :-k

Well, that's not entirely true. The staff are all friendly, but some of the patrons are really nasty.

I got glared at for twenty minutes today by one woman for no reason I could discern. From the moment I hit the circuit to the moment she left it. NO idea who she was or what her issue was, but she was neutral-faced before I stowed my coat and then suddenly she was glaring.

Granted, some women will actually talk to me...even start the conversation, but most just give me the "What?!" face. Had one woman ask me if I wasn't "A little too young to be doing something like this?" Gah!

Though, a trainer IS a good idea, at least to help set goals and review safety...though, if you were military, you probably only need the goals thing worked out.

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:15 pm
by Kitsune
I need to loose at least 100 lbs myself... I'd honestly be happier with 130 lbs.

Me and Joe are currently looking into getting exercise equipment into our house. We need an elliptical... We're hoping to make it our Yule gift to ourselves.

We can try to keep ourselves company on our separate trips?

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:33 am
by Max
Sending positive thoughts DW. Enjoy the gym! Personally, I prefer dancing DVDs :-D

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:45 pm
by Dark Waters
Again thanks for all the support.

I have no illusions about insta-fitness or super weight loss, my goals are modest and just looking for a slow and constant loss for now.

I do have to be careful as I am to overdo it, right now my arms hurt a bit from pushing it too far on the press machines. Slow and steady I know and just have to keep it in mind.

Trainers cost extra and right now is definately not the time for extra spending.

However, perhaps Kystar and Willow are right I need to transfer my membership to Curves ... :badgrin:

What do you all think, a 40 year old big man getting all hot and bothered with all the girls ... exercising I mean of course :roll: Talk about motivation.

Reminds me of when I joined Dance class in high school to broaden my theater experience. Got teased a LOT until I mentioned I was one guy in a class of 30 some girls and would have up to 4 partners at a time who I would have to pick up and generally handle. Not much laughing after that. :-D

Re: Keep the commitment

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:35 am
by Willow
Joining curves would be awesome!!! Might make it more interesting.

Kystar, sorry you had grouchy people at yours, my friend loves her gym.

DW, I feel ya, but it is a good pain isn't it, I did my spin class this morning, and I know I will feel it in my legs tomorrow.

I m glad to hear you do slow and steady, too many people hurt themselves going from sedentary to marathon.