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Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 1:21 pm
by SageWolf
I just read that it was the brightest part of my day so far LOL it made me laugh so hard the dog got worried.

Speaking of Fundies and all that gfood Crap, I saw a quote that I truely believe, I don't remember who it's from but, it says " God killed 2,270,365 people, Satan only killed 10, And yet we (christians) Worship the mass murder"

Makes alot of sense to me, but in that quote alone, It makes me wonder, does that count the great flood and other things, and if it is the "will of God" then he has killed a whole lot more the 2 million people.

Food for thought eh?

Yes Rag I believe you put it as eloquently as possible, Dog's have their bones, cats mice and we have our fundies............... I'm hungry now, LUNCHTIME WOO HOO