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Re: Big Trouble in Nowhere- EMERGENCY

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:31 pm
by Kitsune
You could always mention to them that if Nyx doesn't like men making decisions... questioning... thinking... then perhaps they made a mistake in needing you to do the energy work. :badgrin:

After all, Nyx might be displeased having her will done through male hands entirely... O:) :-"

You'll see their tune change fast enough, I can almost guarantee.

Re: Big Trouble in Nowhere- EMERGENCY

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:10 pm
by Crazy Healer Lady
Good call, Kitsune :finga:

Re: Big Trouble in Nowhere- EMERGENCY

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:48 pm
by Hytegia

I never thought I'd see the day that LOGIC prevailed!!!
Well, today things got to a roaring boil when we were talking, the Girl said that Nyx was going to kick my Ass if she was in the mood when she came down, and I brought up that I was friends with Artemis, and with other Gods not from the Greeks... And Artemis swore to me (actually, she just told me. But "swore" is a much more powerful word, don't you agree?) that she would "Guard and Protect me from any Assault from the Heavenly Places."
Then the Fanatic girl (not the one with Dreams) said that Nyx could kick Artemis' ass. And THAT was where I took my things and walked away. Then and there. Later on, I sent a Text to the Dreaming Girl where I said that that really hurt, and explained that I'm juggling their beliefs, my beliefs, the problem at hand, research, and stress at home... And how that being said was just a kick in the balls! And I also asked her to PLEASE not act like I'm a 3 year old. I know that I don't follow Nyx, or believe in this evil entity, but PLEASE don't take my experience for a grain of salt. I've had many experiences, and know many solidities about Magick and the workings of he Universe. That I might not know it all, but the odds of a God throwing all of it out the window are pretty low!

She apologized, and told me to call her on the home line, because she was low on minutes.

Well, I spoke to the Girl with the dreams... They've gone away (WHO CALLED IT, PEOPLE?!) as predicted. She's been having regular dreams.
And, she admitted that ALL of the Research and Channelling of Nyx was done by the other girl. Then, I did what I do best. I dropped a Parable:

"It's like different Doctors. If you have an Oncologist, he'd see cancer. If you had a Cardiologist, he'd see a heart problem. There's a problem..." Then I explained to her about my method of taking a step back and explained my belief of All Gods, and All Spirits, and then added on again why that saying even hurt more (because, really, that was the lowest thing any Pagan could say to another and be wholly serious about it). We came to terms with many things, and she realized that, HEY- MAYBE IT BEING IN HOUSE OF NIGHT DOESN'T MAKE IT ENTIRELY REAL.

Needless to say, I need to concentrate on the Rising number of Kalona Ayliski in the town though (it's not even a serious rise). It COULD be that people are just dieing, and the Kalona found a better place to sit and wait for easy add-ons to their life.

But, long story short, the main drama is over... Now I gotta deal with other stuff, like Killing them if they get near my Friends or my Grandpa. Or my GREAT GRANDMOTHER. O.o

Re: Big Trouble in Nowhere- EMERGENCY

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:21 pm
by Mahala
They're acting like newbies, alright. They needed a problem; they've created one. This is why I turned down my friend's offer to start a coven, because if only one of us can act our age and take care of things, things WILL go very bad, very quickly. The "Nyx could whoop Artemis" comment... I would have done much the same thing. I have a low tolerance for BS.

I'm a lot more dominant and aggressive than you are. Had it been me and my friends, that would have been the end of that, long time friendship or not. What they are doing could have easily put you in danger in more than a few ways. (The opens doors.) That's not a thing to be taken lightly, but as long as you protect yourself, you should be fine. You can still try to get them to calm down, chill out, and probably take some advice from you. From the sounds of it their research is nothing more than leafing through a couple 'cool' fiction books to pull out names and rituals, in which case, there's nothing to worry about. Just ignore them; As long as they're using fake names and rituals, they're basically running around with the metaphorical rubber scissors.

Have you thought of this? Next time they threaten that Nyx is going to rein hellfire down on your head, tell them you talked to Nyx and she apologized for her followers' rude and childish behavior.

Re: Big Trouble in Nowhere- EMERGENCY

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:54 pm
by Hytegia
I considered trying to Con them because part of their "Ritual" involved lighting a Candle, and if it went out then you had to change spots in the Circle. If I made it to Spirit, I coulda "talked" to her myself.
*Cough Cough*
But, I'm above lieing about contact with Gods and Goddesses. It keeps me a firm record to myself (any reason to keep my slef-esteem up! :P), and to others (the "not lieing" part, atleast) and I'm sure the Gods and Goddesses in question would have wrote the OTHERS off as stupidity, but expect more from me. I've never really found it good or really beneficial to lie in reguards to Magick and my Beliefs.

I mean, what do I look like? A Christian? (ROFLMFAO I had to do it sometime... Now, I've got that outta my system.)

But, the Ritual involved BLOOD and Red Wine, with other things that Actually HAD consequences to things (Last time I checked, Oni and other mighty Evil Spirits loved the smell of Blood. O.o) and the reigning hellfire would ensue, reguardless if they intended on it or not. If it HAD gone foreward, atleast. As you can see, Logic prevails in the most unlogical situations...
That and Occam's Razor will almost always prevail as a solution! :)

Eventually, I will come to that ONE Magickal situation that I can't explain. That single time when I'll throw my hands up and say that it's not worth the trouble, and then bother with calling Gods down for a mono-nu-mono meeting. But, untill then, the Gods and Goddesses can come to ME if it's so important. I don't want to sound selfish, but that's just the way it is. It's not that they are tools... It's just that I feel that pestering the Gods and Goddesses with such petty Mortal worries is useless.

"If the gods wish for a man to go from here to there, then it shall happen reguardless."
-Athena from the Odyssey, speaking of Odysseus' perilous journey ahead of him

SO, if the Gods and Goddesses wanted something to be done, then they could do it (I believe). Why should I bother them with petty Mortal worries and troubles? I can only really claim to have been in contact by Two Gods- Artemis, and Athena. Both came to me, and in that we've become somewhat of friends (though these reasons, I'm sure, will play out later on). But unless they're there to ask, and are clearly not busy, why bother them? Yes, I'm sure they have decades of Wisdom and Intelligence, and deeper insight to many things...
But who am I to demand the Presence of a God or Goddess?

The only other case I would ever do that for is Love... Simply because it is the most perplexing and greater than all Magicks, and beyond comprehension to mere man.


Re: Big Trouble in Nowhere- EMERGENCY

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:29 am
by Kibaval
i hate to tell you this brodie, but it sounds like you got yerself a gaggle of vampire fangirls. maybe the one that drained you really is one, its entirely possible because i know a good bit about draining and being drained, it just seems to me that the rest are following lead to look cool to their friend(s).. im not gonna claim to know everything about my kind because, well nobody does, especially not us, but from what youre saying it seems like they just want you around because they dont really know what theyre doing or what theyre talking about, savvy? i mean in all my time dealing with other vamps and such, ive never heard of alot of the things youre discussing, and i think healer lady is right, you just need to stop with the door opening, let them handle these things and if they still come begging for help then tell them to find someone else, sounds coldhearted but itll save you alot of headache in the long and short term scale.