Chile Sauce

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Chile Sauce

Post by Willow » Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:06 am

Mmmmm, I got back from a week away at school and my garden had given me about 20 tomatoes. Well when life hands you tomatoes...make chile sauce. Mine is a little sweeter but you can decrease the sugar to make it more sour. Way easier with a food processor too I learned. All spices are too taste. And Every ingrediant but tomatoes are optional.

Chile sauce makes a great replacement for ketchup, it can also be used inplace of salsa or chutney. My favourite way to eat it is on eggs or perogies.

1 Bushell Ripe Tomatos
3 peppers (mix up the colours to make it pretty)
2 onions
6 Apples
1 bunch celery
Garlic (makes the sauce much stronger)
Ground Cloves
1-2 cups white vinegar (I used half apple cider vinegar, makes it a more gentle taste).
1-2 cups sugar (I prefer organic unprocessed sugar, it works better with the natural flavours of the sauce.

(1) Peel the tomatos by scalding them, remove the stem and its butt. You can pre-blend them in a food processor if you want ta smother sauce or just let them naturally stew if you want a chunkier sauce
(2) Wash and de-seed all the veggies, peel and core the apples, either chop by hand or use a food processor (will give you smaller chunks, again less thick sauce)
(3) Put all ingrediants into a heavy bottom pot and turn on low. Cook for up to 8 hours on the slowest simmer possible remembering to stir.
(4) Pour into sterilised jars and enjoy throughou the winter!
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Re: Chile Sauce

Post by Crazy Healer Lady » Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:56 am

WOW that sounds yummy! I'm always worried about using apples in recipes like this, but I trust the Willow tree's judgement and taste. I shall have to try it!
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