There is a chargeless adaptation of the Rocket Canyon

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There is a chargeless adaptation of the Rocket Canyon

Post by xingwang » Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:47 pm

There's a chargeless adaptation of Rocket League Items the Rocket Canyon as well, which anybody gets. It includes customisation options, banners, titles and decryptors.

The Exceptional advancement ($9.99 in the US, UK amount TBA) will net you added of the above, added car bodies and XP boosts.

XP is important because by levelling up you acquire a Canyon Tier, which alleviate rewards. You can use keys to alleviate added Tiers - and fast-track your way to boodle - if you so desire.

You can see aggregate included in the Exceptional canyon advantage afore you acquirement it, and you will not alleviate any alike items until you accept one of everything. All items are aswell acceptable for trading.

Psyonix estimates that anniversary chargeless canyon will yield about 100 hours to alleviate all agreeable - not accounting for appropriate contest which adeptness action bifold XP.

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