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Post by elmarna » Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:49 am

While blessings is defined by the benefits we receive from them. I try to keep myself humble. And grateful in the world I live in.
To be appreciative is a grace I know. The reason I brought it up is because I lived for some time with the Amish.
I was blessed in being given a chance to see the world with new eyes. They live life simply and believe you shpuld be thankful for everything.
In this understanding I left with - I still never could see any blessings in life.
I had a negative way of thinking and attracted negativity because of my ways.
Then 1 day I had a stroke! What a blessing! You may scratch your head and say how horrible!
It may be in your compassion or in your belief of strokes. For me - god came down and did something to my higher good.
It was like re-booting a computer. While I struggled to think and speak my brain's alpha and beta waves changed.
My brain rewired itself positively!
Blessings come in many disguises. Just as the amish tried to do. I was given new eyes to see.
I have a world that opened up to me consciencely and in the vibratory rate I work in.
I am less ill. I attract more positive spirits and walk with less pain in my arthritus!
While I believe in accountability; I am not without that in life I interact with.
As I have realized - you are the sum of your beliefs. I say to myself in the morning -"what do you want to bring to the table of life when you shower the world with your service? It is not without me to understand that if you hang onto unhappiness -- then all you will ever have is unhappiness!
Even at work; while I fail to see a happy easygoing work day, I go in and at least let those around me see a little bit of life that brightens the day. Let them see that life is what you make of it !
Do not get me wrong - I am not 1 of those over happy people dispite the world around me.
I am more the warm pleasent smile sending out a source of inspiration just to let life have a little more brightness!
Who knows! Perhaps 1 day someone can say -"it was a blessing to see someone smile at me today!"

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Re: blessings

Post by kajj88 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:44 am

Revelation I love reading your statements. At such a high level.

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