Help with Dream Interpretation

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Help with Dream Interpretation

Post by FAEAURAOM » Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:17 pm

Let me give you some background:

I have been with this man for close to 1 year , we have had a magickal opening,with a rocky middle until now - we have both identified one another as twin flames - so I get the pendulum sway. So the last couple days we just recently got in touch again after spending a few days of silence apart (I am in California finishing a 6 month commitment and he is in Boston - were we reside). We are both deeply into the Egyptian Deities. We once did a pendulum spirit circle and was told he was a descend of Thoth and I of Isis. Words we didn't attach too, but kept in mind. So we continue to read and do research and let the experience present itself. In the beginning of the summer I was guided to buy an Isis Statue from a local crystal shop. The owner there said that Statue had been waiting for its rightful owner - it had been stared at and wanted for so long, but no one had the power to purchase it, until I. Just recently I bought a book called The Union of Isis and Thoth. I have just begun reading it.

Well simple as that does not seem, my dream was almost too simple for me to understand:

He and I walk into a crystal shop, the lights were off but the Moon was glowing into the space. There was no one inside, just us but to our right was a large Sacred Space with a HUGE Isis face statue guarding the front of it. So we walked over to it and crawled inside of it (it looked like a deep blue galaxy) and we made love in the space. I have tried to so some research and I get a lot of different answers in regards to Isis showing up in dreams:
1) She is telling me "yes" to answer questions I have been having - I'm guessing about the man and myself?
2) She initiated us through the dream world and the sacred sex
3) She is telling me I am highly connected to my intuition (this I know already)
4) She presents herself to her Devotees - Priest and Priestesses
5) She is showing me a place I need healing

i received a Mayan Oracle reading a couple weeks back that said to pay attention to your subconscious, your dream state. It was Akbal (The Moon - The Mystery) - Isis also represents the Moon as well - as it was glowing into the space in the dream as well.

Divine Blessings,
Fae ~

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