Glass Color Sorter factory

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Glass Color Sorter factory

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Glass color sorting machine
Single layer and double layer Glass color sorter could separate particles by color difference
Technical Features
1. Linear array CCD full color sorting technique. Spectral regions are flexibly adjustable; can identify micro defected area accurately.
2. Leading LED light source technology, featured with high efficiency, long service life, strong anti-interference ability.
3. Adopt high-quality, high-frequency, long service life, low air consumption, can guarantee maximum output, low carryover ratio and low failure rate.
4. New power supply system, low energy consumption, can help to avoid adverse effect caused by sudden voltage change, therefore to realize long-term stable operation.
5. Belt-type soft conveying system with lower drop, lower broken rate, can be applicable to more various materials.
6. Auto-self-detection function, therefore is user friendly, energy efficient.
7. Leading intelligent shaping function,can effectively detect different size and shapes.
8. Optional NIR function can detect and remove various malignant impurities.
9. The mechanical structure designed for reliable stability, the cooling system can impove the service life and stability of the machine.
Technical parameters
Sorting accuracy(%)≥99.3≥99.3≥99.3≥99.3
Optimized carryover≥15:1≥15:1≥15:1≥15:1
Power supplyAC220V 50HZAC220V 50HZAC220V 50HZAC220V 50HZ
Air Pressure(Mpa)0.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8
Dimension(L×W×H:mm)3600×865×17603230×900×25303600×1730×17603230×1800×2530Glass Color Sorter factory

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