searle evaporators suppliers

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searle evaporators suppliers

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MVR evaporative system introduction
MVR(the abbreviation of mechanical vapor recompression)evaporator is a new kind of evaporator which may reuse secondary steam (after compression after compression) produced by the evaporator after compression. You only need to start up the equipment and heat the material to evaporation temperature. Almost no external energy source is needed for normal operation. This is a new kind of technology which requires the least energy in the field of evaporation and concentration. Since 1960s, Germany and France have begun to apply this technology in chemical, pharmaceutical, paper-making, sewage treatment, seawater desalination and other industries.
This MVR evaporation starts and heats by steam or electric heating device and it is automatic controlled by PLC, besides, it can start and stop at any time with high automationally degree.
MVR structure
Product show
Our service
1.pre-sale service: We will provide users with all aspects of technical support, including a series of pre-planning work such as on-site measurement and program design, and optimize design on the basis of fully listening to the needs of users so as to save the most engineering investment. Equipment The most energy-efficient system to run, providing the best customer satisfaction design.
2, the sale of services: After the contract takes effect, we will strictly in accordance with the technical contract parameters and confirm the program drawings for the design and manufacture of equipment systems. Formulate a detailed and approved by the user equipment manufacturing network plan and strictly enforced in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality system requirements for equipment raw materials, the main supporting parts procurement. Equipment system manufacturing is completed after the pre-assembly acceptance can be shipped during which users are welcome to participate in the final inspection equipment. Installation and commissioning of equipment system will also be prepared for the installation and commissioning of the construction program, comply with the user's rules and regulations during construction, so that scientific and rational organization of the installation and construction, to ensure that the installation and commissioning work according to quality on time completion of production.
3, after-sales service: My company's equipment system within one year free warranty and provide life-long service, after the warranty period charged replacement parts costs. My company has high-quality after-sales service staff, can efficiently provide with the user equipment maintenance and detailed troubleshooting record of equipment , while users on-site staff for the appropriate training, so we can solve the user's worries.
1. Q: How to control the quality in your factory?
A: NGV certificate. One year quality assurance and lifetime technical support.
2. Q: How is the quality of your goods?
A: We work with many international and domestic group companies and our products are well received by our customers. And we all know that quality is the company's most important thing, and we will always guarantee the best quality
3. Q: How do you arrange the delivery?
A: Road transport and shipping
4. Q: How can I get after-sales service?
A: We will send you free spare parts if the problem is caused by us.
If it is man-made problem, we also send spare parts, but it will be charged. You can call us directly if you have any problems.
5. Q: How can I trust your company?
A: We can provide you with the right advice and the lowest price
6. Q: Will you keep the drawing secrecy after you getting?
A: Yes, we do not release your designs to third parties unless we have your permission. We can sign the NDA before sending the drawings.searle evaporators suppliers

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