A concrete absolution of Rocket League just afresh launched

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A concrete absolution of Rocket League just afresh launched

Post by xingwang » Fri May 17, 2019 7:26 pm

And so that's absolutely what we're traveling to do. We're traveling to accomplish our next 52 weeks even bigger than our first. We're traveling to League you all the things we mentioned aloft and afresh we're traveling to League you some more, because you deserve it. You're our association and you're our friends.

A concrete absolution of Rocket League just afresh launched, as did a aloft amend with lots of new content. Meanwhile, Psyonix is able to acquiesce PS4 and Xbox One players to play adjoin one accession (as they can with those on PC), but that will aboriginal crave an adjustment amid Sony and Microsoft.

As arise today by the developers, Psyonix, a new amend v1.34 comes for Rocket League this Wednesday, May 10.

“Neo Tokyo” is aback afresh as a Accepted Arena. It still has the afflicted city look, afterwards the ramps of the goals. Its advancing aback to all Playlists, Clandestine Matches and Competetive.

The aboriginal “Neo Tokyo” comes aback beneath the name of “Tokyo Underpass. For now, this will be attainable abandoned in Clandestine matches and offline. Also, the aboriginal “Underpass” map will no best yield abode in the game.

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