No naked festivals or bubbling cauldrons: the real pagan movement in Australia

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When I was recently asked if I'd be interested in attending my first Samhain celebration on April 30 – the pagan New Year and one of eight great festivals according to the Wheel of the Year – I was a little hesitant. Would there be goats? Weird chanting around a bubbling cauldron? And I hadn't been to spin class for a few weeks so the thought of being naked, or "skyclad", sent shivers down my back. Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to find a backyard lit by a small army of candles, pumpkins and apples, and pictures of family members (who, I was soon to realise, had recently died). And everyone was, thankfully, fully dressed.
Quote of the moment:
Wisdom consists of knowing when to avoid perfection.

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