When Magic Doesn't Work

Van Ault

Every magician has occasions in which the magic he is directing does not seem to work. The desired result, whether internal or external, does not come into manifestation. These occasions are opportunities for greater development in the magical arts, and by working through the disappointment and discouragement, he can reach greater self-knowledge and technical expertise in the art.

I believe that magic always works. Magic is a tool, a reality shaper. Like any tool, however, its ability is limited to the operator's knowledge and skill. For an illustration, let's use the bow and arrow. Your intention is the arrow and your magical technique for directing that intention is the bow. You use the bow/technique to poise, balance and guide the intention/arrow with the strength of your arms and hands/ determination and will.

What happens when this all works together optimally? The will firmly grasps the clear intention, balances it upon the technique, you gather your emotional and mental force, and then fire the intention into the invisible world to be made manifest. In its own time and way, your wish materializes.

Conversely, if you haven't got the skill to bring all of these efforts together, things can go askew. Your arrow can veer and stray, or it may travel a few feet before losing power. Your bow can break, or not be strong enough to propel the arrow. Or, you may find that you've got your bow and arrow ready to use, but you haven't got sufficient strength to manipulate it.

I offer the following meditation process for those times when it seems that your magic doesn't work. When you've tried all the techniques, when you've gotten no results, when you're wondering if any of this matters at all, the process in this meditation can produce miracles and create a sense of completion. You can read the script into a tape, or have a friend lead you through it.

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