Second Step

Right Mindedness

WHAT, now, is Right Mindedness? It is thoughts free from lust; thoughts free from ill-will; thoughts free from cruelty. This is called right mindedness.

Now, Right Mindedness, let me tell you, is of two kinds:

  1. Thoughts free from lust, from ill-will, and from cruelty:- this is called the "Mundane Right Mindedness," which yields worldly fruits and brings good results.
  2. But, whatsoever there is of thinking, considering, reasoning, thought, ratiocination, application- the mind being holy, being turned away from the world, and conjoined with the path, the holy path being pursued-: these "Verbal Operations" of the mind are called the "Ultramundane Right Mindedness," which is not of the world, but is ultra-mundane, and conjoined with the paths.

Now, in understanding wrong-mindedness as wrong, and right-mindedness as right, one practices Right Understanding [1st step]; and in making efforts to overcome evil-mindedness, and to arouse right-mindedness, one practices Right Effort [6th step]; and in overcoming evil-mindedness with attentive mind, and dwelling with attentive mind in possession of right-mindedness, one practices Right Attentiveness [7th step]. Hence, there are three things that accompany and follow upon right-mindedness, namely: right understanding, right effort, and right attentiveness.

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