Latin Vulgate Bible Book Titles/Names


Abbreviations Full Titles Long Names: (English / Deutsch) Short Names
GN Liber Genesis, Hebraice Beresith Liber Genesis (Genesis / 1 Mose) Genesis
EX Liber Exodus, Hebraice Veelle Semoth Liber Exodus (Exodus / 2 Mose) Exodus
LV Liber Leviticus, Hebraice Vaicra Liber Leviticus (Leviticus / 3 Mose) Leviticus
NM Liber Numeri, Hebraice Vaiedabber Liber Numeri (Numbers / 4 Mose) Numeri
DT Liber Deuteronomii, Hebraice Elle Haddebarim Liber Deuteronomii (Deuteronomy / 5 Mose) Deuteronomium
IOS Liber Iosue, Hebraice Iehosua Liber Iosue (Joshua / Josua) Iosue
IDC Liber Iudicum, Hebraice Sophetim Liber Iudicum (Judges / Richter) Iudicum
RT Liber Ruth Liber Ruth (Ruth / Rut) Ruth
1SM Liber Primus Samuelis, Quem Nos Primum Regum Dicimus Liber I. Samuelis (1 Samuel / 1 Samuel) Samuelis I
2SM Liber Secundus Samuelis, Quem Nos Secundum Regum Dicimus Liber II. Samuelis (2 Samuel / 2 Samuel) Samuelis II
1RG Liber Regum Tertius, Secundum Hebraeos Primus Malachim Liber I. Regum (1 Kings / 1 Koenige) Regum I
2RG Liber Regum Quartus, Secundum Hebraeos Malachim Secundus Liber II. Regum (2 Kings / 2 Koenige) Regum II
1PAR Liber Primus Paralipomenon, Hebraice Dibre Haiamim Liber I. Paralipomenon (1 Chronicles / 1 Chronik) Paralipomenon I
2PAR Liber Secundus Paralipomenon, Hebraice Dibre Haiamim Liber II. Paralipomenon (2 Chronicles / 2 Chronik) Paralipomenon II
ESR Liber Primus Esdrae Liber Esdrae (Ezra / Esra) Esdrae
NEH Liber Nehemiae, Qui Et Esdrae Secundus Dicitur Liber Nehemiae (Nehemiah / Nehemia) Nehemiae
TOB Liber Tobiae Liber Tobiae (Tobit / Tobit) Tobiae
IDT Liber Iudith Liber Iudith (Judith / Judit) Iudith
EST Liber Esther Liber Esther (Esther / Ester) Esther
IOB Liber Iob Liber Iob (Job / Ijob) Iob
PS Liber Psalmorum Liber Psalmorum (Psalms / Psalmen) Psalmi
PR Liber Proverbiorum, Quem Hebraei Misle Appellant Liber Proverbiorum (Proverbs / Sprichwoerter) Proverbia
ECL Ecclesiastes, Qui Ab Hebraeis Coheleth Appellatur Liber Ecclesiastes (Ecclesiastes / Kohelet) Ecclesiastes
CT Canticum Canticorum Salomonis, Quod Hebraice Dicitur Sir Hasirim Canticum Canticorum (Song Of Songs / Hoheslied) Canticum Canticorum
SAP Liber Sapientiae Liber Sapientiae (Wisdom / Weisheit) Sapientia
SIR Ecclesiasticus Liber Ecclesiastici (Sirach / Sirach) Ecclesiasticus
IS Prophetia Isaiae Prophetia Isaiae (Isaiah / Jesaja) Isaias
IR Prophetia Ieremiae Prophetia Ieremiae (Jeremiah / Jeremia) Ieremias
LAM Threni, Idest Lamentationes Ieremiae Prophetae Lamentationes Ieremiae (Lamentations / Klagelieder) Lamentationes
BAR Prophetia Baruch Prophetia Baruch (Baruch / Baruch) Baruch
EZ Prophetia Ezechielis Prophetia Ezechielis (Ezekiel / Ezechiel) Ezechiel
DN Prophetia Danielis Prophetia Danielis (Daniel / Daniel) Daniel
OS Prophetia Osee Prophetia Osee (Hosea / Hosea) Osee
IOEL Prophetia Ioel Prophetia Ioel (Joel / Joel) Ioel
AM Prophetia Amos Prophetia Amos (Amos / Amos) Amos
ABD Prophetia Abdiae Prophetia Abdiae (Obadiah / Obadja) Abdias
ION Prophetia Ionae Prophetia Ionae (Jonah / Jona) Ionas
MCH Prophetia Michaeae Prophetia Michaeae (Micah / Micha) Michaeas
NAH Prophetia Nahum Prophetia Nahum (Nahum / Nahum) Nahum
HAB Prophetia Habacuc Prophetia Habacuc (Habakkuk / Habakuk) Habacuc
SOPH Prophetia Sophoniae Prophetia Sophoniae (Zephaniah / Zefanja) Aggaeus
AGG Prophetia Aggaei Prophetia Aggaei (Haggai / Haggai) Sophonias
ZACH Prophetia Zachariae Prophetia Zachariae (Zechariah / Sacharja) Zacharias
MAL Prophetia Malachiae Prophetia Malachiae (Malachi / Maleachi) Malachias
1MCC Liber Primus Machabaeorum Liber I. Machabaeorum (1 Maccabees / 1 Makkabaeer) Machabaeorum I
2MCC Liber Secundus Machabaeorum Liber II. Machabaeorum (2 Maccabees / 2 Makkabaeer) Machabaeorum II
MT Sanctum Iesu Christi Evangelium Secundum Matthaeum Evangelium Secundum Matthaeum (Matthew / Matthaeus) Matthaeus
MC Sanctum Iesu Christi Evangelium Secundum Marcum Evangelium Secundum Marcum (Mark / Markus) Marcus
LC Sanctum Iesu Christi Evangelium Secundum Lucam Evangelium Secundum Lucam (Luke / Lukas) Lucas
IO Sanctum Iesu Christi Evangelium Secundum Ioannem Evangelium Secundum Ioannem (John / Johannes) Ioannes
ACT Actus Apostolorum Actus Apostolorum (Acts Of The Apostles / Apostelgeschichte) Actus Apostolorum
ROM Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Romanos Epistola Pauli Ad Romanos (Romans / Roemer) Ad Romanos
1COR Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Corinthios Prima Epistola Pauli Ad Corinthios I. (1 Corinthians / 1 Korinther) Ad Corinthios I
2COR Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Corinthios Secunda Epistola Pauli Ad Corinthios II. (2 Corinthians / 2 Korinther) Ad Corinthios II
GAL Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Galatas Epistola Pauli Ad Galatas (Galatians / Galater) Ad Galatas
EPH Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Ephesios Epistola Pauli Ad Ephesios (Ephesians / Epheser) Ad Ephesios
PHLP Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Philippenses Epistola Pauli Ad Philippenses (Philippians / Philipper) Ad Philippenses
COL Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Colossenses Epistola Pauli Ad Colossenses (Colossians / Kolosser) Ad Colossenses
1THES Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Thessalonicenses Prima Epistola Pauli Ad Thessalonicenses I. (1 Thessalonians / 1 Thessalonicher) Ad Thessalonicenses I
2THES Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Thessalonicenses Secunda Epistola Pauli Ad Thessalonicenses II. (2 Thessalonians / 2 Thessalonicher) Ad Thessalonicenses II
1TIM Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Timotheum Prima Epistola Pauli Ad Timotheum I. (1 Timothy / 1 Timotheus) Ad Timotheum I
2TIM Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Timotheum Secunda Epistola Pauli Ad Timotheum II. (2 Timothy / 2 Timotheus) Ad Timotheum II
TIT Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Titum Epistola Pauli Ad Titum (Titus / Titus) Ad Titum
PHLM Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Philemonem Epistola Pauli Ad Philemonem (Philemon / Philemon) Ad Philemonem
HBR Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli Ad Hebraeos Epistola Pauli Ad Hebraeos (Hebrews / Hebraeer) Ad Hebraeos
IAC Epistola Catholica Beati Iacobi Apostoli Epistola Catholica Iacobi (James / Jakobus) Iacobi
1PTR Epistola Beati Petri Apostoli Prima Epistola Petri I. (1 Peter / 1 Petrus) Petri I
2PTR Epistola Beati Petri Apostoli Secunda Epistola Petri II. (2 Peter / 2 Petrus) Petri II
1IO Epistola Beati Ioannis Apostoli Prima Epistola Ioannis I. (1 John / 1 Johannes) Ioannis I
2IO Epistola Beati Ioannis Apostoli Secunda Epistola Ioannis II. (2 John / 2 Johannes) Ioannis II
3IO Epistola Beati Ioannis Apostoli Tertia Epistola Ioannis III. (3 John / 3 Johannes) Ioannis III
IUD Epistola Catholica Beati Iudae Apostoli Epistola Catholica Iudae (Jude / Judas) Iudae
APC Apocalypsis Beati Ionannis Apostoli Apocalypsis Ionannis (Revelation / Offenbarung) Apocalypsis
MAN Oratio Manassae Regis Iuda, Cum Captus Teneretur In Babylone Oratio Manassae Regis (Prayer Of Manasseh / Gebet Manasses) Oratio Manassae
3ESR Liber Esdrae Tertius Liber Esdrae III. (1 Esdras / 1 Esdra) Esdrae III
4ESR Liber Esdrae Quartus Liber Esdrae IV. (2 Esdras / 2 Esdra) Esdrae IV

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