Chastity Belt

anonymous (from the singing of Tania Opland)


Oh say, gentle maiden, may I be your lover
Condemn me no longer to mourn and to weep
Struck down like a hart, I lie wounded and fainting
So let down your drawbridge, I'll enter your keep

Enter your keep, nonnie nonnie
Enter your keep, nonnie nonnie
Let down your drawbridge, I'll enter your keep

Alas, gentle errant, I am not a maiden
I'm married to Sir Oswald the cunning old Celt
He's gone to the wars for a twelve-month or longer
And taken the key to my chastity belt

Fear not gentle maiden for I know a locksmith
To his forge we will go, on his door we will knock
And try to avail us of his specialised knowledge
And see if he's able to unpick the lock


Alas, sir and madam, to help I'm unable
My technical knowledge is of no avail
I can't find the secret to your combination
The cunning old bastard has fitted a Yale

I'm back from the wars with sad news of disaster
A terrible mishap I have to confide
As my ship was passing the Straits of Gibralter
I carelessly dropped the key over the side

Alas and alack I am locked up forever
When up steps a page-boy, says "Leave it to me"
If you will allow me to enter your chamber
I'll open it up with my duplicate key



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