Hymn To Spam


Kilco. Publications is pleased to release an adaptation on Crowleyanity for our material generation : Resh For Success. Available at better bookstores. We are also planning a Thelemic camping trip "under the stars" in late July, as well as further initiations in August.

In the meantime, we are fortunate to have a transmission, through the vechile of Frater Onan in Omnibus, of such a unique nature, we are considering the creation of a literature Class E-I-E-I-O : dictated by second class prater human intelligence. No one will want to change so much as the style of a letter.

"What is this stuff
That doth Jiggle in the breeze
and smells like that which
I avoid when I walk in the stables"
Hysterica of Estrus

O meaty mass of fleshy flesh
Who with the dark and wild
And wanton world doth mesh
In sizzling ecstacy, tasty and mild!

From Ellay to the halls of Priam,
To the Salty fields of Elysium,
Come to me, glorious Spam,
Thou cooked, broiled, and pressed ham!

Io Spam! Io Spam!
Come with eggs and toast,
With bacon and duckling roast,
Come wild! Come sliced!
Come mashed! Come diced!
Io Spam! Spam! Io! Io!

With this key thy veil I rend!
Thy starry blue tin I twist and bend!
That the thee in thee might
Become the ne in me tonight!

And the thee in me I feel
as the thee in me I peel;
With glee and abandon I stab
My trident into thy Quivering Flab!
Io Spam! Spam Io! Io! Io!

With fervor and awe you relent
Before my furious murderous intent;
I whip I mash I slash I cream
Thy body to consummate this dream.
Io Spam! Io Spam! Spam! Spam! Io! Io!

I dice I beat I flake I shake
I cover thee with Shake and Bake;
Spam! O Sweet Sweet Spam!
Never again will I slam my ham!
Io Spam! Io Spam! Io!
O yeah, Spam my baby...
Come to papa, Spam.
Oooooh....Spam...I never dreamed...

*(The secert sence of these words is to be sought in the numeration thereof.)


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