The Yule Song

An origional Parody of The Christmas Song

Azelma RoseWillow

Christians freezing by an open fire...
Jack Frost nipping at their toes...
Yule tide carols being sung by a choir
And we're dressed up not just for show..
All us pagans know the Yule log and some misletoe
Helps to make our Solstice bright
Like tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
We'll find it hard to sleep tonight!

We know the Sun is on His way
He's bringing warmnth and light
For all of Spring to stay
And every Christian child is gonna cry
They see that reindeer really don't know how to fly...

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
So many years it has rung true...
Although its been said, many times many ways...
Merry Solstice to you.


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