Above The Atmosphere


Out among the constellations
On an outerworld vacation
Escaping from the degradation
Of this ordinary life

Given up on casualty and chaos
To live amongst the stars
Bid goodbye to Earth and oxygen
And hitch a ride to Mars

Frozen from Pluto, hoping to melt
In awe of the weightlessness I have felt
Jokingly, I undid Orion's belt
And his pants fell below his knees

Carrying a stellar message
Riding comets, I follow Mercury
Drinking the Big Dipper's quicksilver drops
Leaking into the Milky Way

Viewing black holes through stardust eyes
There is no air, but I survive
From the heavens beyond the skies
Omnipotent Jupiter comes to me

Promises of Aurora Borealis
And the power and love he brings
With starlight and undiscovered planets in mind
He proposes to me with Saturn's rings

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