Belisama lay alone in her bed
as the tides of the river flow over her head
the consorts she had in the great days of sail
all now departed, her city grown frail

Recalling times past, when as a young maiden
she carried the great ships with cargo full laden
she remembers with yearning the great days of yore
the hustle and bustle she heard on her shore

Now age leaves her lonely, she wonders with sorrow
for her and her city, will there be a tomorrow ?
she watches the flying craft filling the skies
she thinks of her great ships of yore and she cries

But men come and go, yet the river remains
and as she knows, well, the times they do change
life blood of the earth, she will always be needed
and the future it is, by the past, always seeded

She will see the great sailing ships never again
but the life of the river is not always men
now cleaner, she may see the return of old friends
and carry the salmon once more to his end.

Belisama is the goddess of the river Mersey.

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