Big Beautiful Sky

Savannah Skye

Oh big beautiful sky
This morning when I awake to you
You're dressed in pink ethereal beauty
Making me want to float up inside a big buoyant bubble
Float up inside your effervescent sky of colorful scapes
Float around inside of you
So I can find
My absolute mind
That will let me trip
Outside the borders of my cosmic flip

Oh big beautiful sky
Let your heavens melt into a lavic liquid sky
So they will drop ecstasy into me
That will open my 3rd blind eye
Making my 5 senses cry

Oh big beautiful sky
In the middle of the day
I look up and see you full of blue glory
That tells me your true story
So I ask of you???
Oh sky, can I turn the world upside down?
So I can dive into your aqua azure pool
So I can swim around in your vast empty openness
Swim around in the now
Of your blue how
That's shooting me like a star
Filling me with your blue elixir
That's giving my soul a stir

Oh big beautiful sky
Your heavens are melting into a lavic liquid sky
Opening my 3rd blind eye
Making my 5 senses cry

Oh big beautiful sky
Later in the day
I see you out of the corner of my eye
See your clouds passing by
That make me want to take a giant leap
High up into your sky's realm
Where I can jump...jump...jump...
From one white fluffy cloud to the next
Bringing my soul back into context

Oh big beautiful sky
Your heavens have melted into a lavic liquid sky
Ecstasy has opened my 3rd blind eye
My 5 senses have fully cried

Oh big beautiful sky
Day has become night
The sun is out of sight
So I step outside
To make a wish upon a star
A wish that I could fly
Fly through your spiraling milky way
Where I wish I could stay
So I never again have to find
My soul being lost in the daily grind

Oh big beautiful sky
Your heavens will soon melt again into a lavic liquid sky
With ecstasy that will open my 3rd blind eye
Making my 5 senses cry

NOTE: Artwork by Colin Swift

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