Celtic Circle Dance

Tune: Same Old Man/Leatherwing Bat

W. J. Bethancourt III

Hi said the Norn, sittin in the sand
once I talked to a great Grey Man
spun three times and said with a sigh
"Hadn't been for the Runes had his other eye!"

Chorus: hi diddle i diddle i day
hi diddle i diddle i diddle ay
hi di diddle i diddle i day
fol the dink a dum diddle do di day

Hi said the Lady, dressed in green
prettiest thing I've ever seen
she went down underneath the hill
and came back out of her own free will

Brian Boru, on Irish ground
walked three times the Island round
Norsemen came lookin for a fight
just another Irish Saturday night!

Hi said Lugh on the banquest night
a poet and a player and a good wheelwright
a harper and a warrior and none the least:
a Druid and he got in to the Feast!

Harold Haardrada's face was red!
Came to Britain and he wound up dead
Stamford Bridge is where he's found
got six feet of English ground

The Legion with it's Eagles bright
marched into the Pictish night
met them there upon the sand
gave em up to the Wicker Man!

Eight-legged steed and hound of Hel
the one-eyed Man, he loves ya well
fire burn and fire spark
are you then feared of the dark?

The Circle forms, the Circle flows
the Circle goes where no man knows
Hail to the Lady, one in three:
Present is Past and Past is Me!

Rhiannon's Birds are still in flight
all thru the Day all thru the Night
Hail to the Lady, one in Three
Present is Past and Past is Thee!

Hi said the Lady dressed in white
sang the Day and sang the Night
sang the Land and sang the Sea
sang the Song, and then sang Me! (extra verses:)

Salt and oil and mirror bright
fire and fleet and candlelight
by fin and feather, leaf and tree,
fill the cup and blessed be!

From the misty crystal sea
came the Lady to the lea
Sword and Roses in Her Hand
spread their seeds thruout the Land

Came the Stag from oaken wood
saw the Lady where she stood
by the fire burning bright
came to know his heart's delight! (end of extra verses)

By Sword and Harp, and Irish Hound
Blessed Be: the Day I've found
Hail to the Lady, one in Three
Present is Past and Past is WE

By Oak and Ash and Holy Thorn
blessed be the Day you're born!
Fire burn and fire bright
walk in safety thru the night

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