Shadow Hawk

Soaring high above Granite cliff,
Eagle rises on wings of fire,
Wings outreached for winds light lift,
Eyes searching desert for Heart's Desire.

Flying free beyond Earth's bounds,
Circling higher, clouds surround,
Wheeling and turning, Eagle in Flight,
Death on the Wing, beauty to sight.

Lord of the Air, secure in his Might,
Wings gleaming brightly in the Sun's searing Light.
Spotting the Prey, the Eagle falls,
Faster and faster, the Death calls.

Quick is the strike, painless and true,
Talons grip for a moment or two.
Endless circles, life and death in the sky,
Eagle is soaring, his Life's purpose to fly.

Soaring high with wings of Golden Light,
Earthbound we watch with mounting delight,
Master of the Air, King of his domain,
And in the end, only Eagle will remain.

Quote of the moment:
Disbelieved in reincarnation in my last life, too.

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