Eloquent Resurrection

Savannah Skye

I'm in an epicene state of being
An eloquent resurrection has taken place

From heaven I look down upon you and your beloveds
Your entwinings have become pictures in movement
Movies of mortal malcontent that no longer alter my emotions

I finally see the intrinsic beauty
Inside your multi-relational truths
That once hid between bodies in motion

No more jealous ennui
Erodes my foreworn heart
For it has been renewed

No longer do I feel unloved
Abandoned and dejected
All alone in this bitter cold world

I'm in an epicene state of being
An eloquent resurrection has taken place

I'm no longer the cat
Serendipitously chasing it's tail
Only to discover your love for me was always there

That it was just my fears juxtaposing
Insecurities alongside falsehoods
That dwelled inside my misconstrued mind

Now freely I observe
With a non-partisan view
You and your mortal beloveds

That I imagined sidelined us
Curtailed your love towards me
Derailing me into solidaritiy

I'm in an epicene state of being
An eloquent resurrection has taken place

I've finally come to realize
My unrealistic expectations placed upon you
Was the cause of our many endings

So I do apologize
For my lack of attention
To your kind affections that you placed upon me

Now I beg of you
Won't you let my soul rejoin yours
When I return to my mere mortal fate

For I will need a lover
Who understands my wants
Without needing to own me

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