Savannah Skye

With no boundaries, no limitations
I will break through your icy exterior

Penetrate your soul
That rests beneath your lucid skin

You will fall head over heels
Trip right into my heart

Become one with me
By the magic of three

With no boundaries, no limitations
I will have you under my command

My bewitching incantations
Will put a spell on you

All your hesitations will disappear
Vanish right into thin air

We will dissolve into one
As magic becomes us

With no boundaries, no limitations
I will fulfill your desires

Lead you down the road of temptation
From where you will never want to return

Lust's heated anticipation
Will draw you to me

My magic will cast spells
Upon your wanton ways

With no boundaries, no hesitations
I will own you mind body and soul

Quote of the moment:
When in doubt, fuck it. When not in doubt... get in doubt!

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