The Goddess

Shadow Hawk

I go through life dreaming,
Of a mate I never knew,
Love and life pass me by,
And the cold grows through and through.

Women I see with eyes grown jaded,
Women I touch with fingers grown hard,
Women I smell covered in perfumes,
Women my heart will love then discard.

Promising Love until the end,
Our paths grow separate and finally end,
Where two became one, one becomes two,
And the search goes on once more for You.

I see you in the Crescent Moon,
I feel your body as I touch a tree,
I smell your breath when I hold a rose,
You rule my life, my soul, I'm never free.

I look for my Goddess in the Women of the World,
But I know within that you are like the Pearl,
Hidden away deep in the shell of Life,
And mortal flesh leads only to strife.

Deep in my self I must find the place,
Where at last I will find your smiling face.
Goddess, Lover, Mother Divine,
It is for you that my heart does shine.

To merge with you in Bliss Divine,
To hold you, to love you, inseparably entwined,
This is my dream, my heart's desire,
To be with you always, burning in your fire.

Mortals love, and mortals tire,
But my Love for you grows higher and higher,
Hold me in your arms lovingly near,
And keep from me all thoughts of fear.

Promise me always together we will be,
And in the end your Love will free,
My Love, my Life, my Soul I pledge,
To once more be with you at Chaos' Edge.

My Love for Your Love is the balance I need,
My Soul for Your Soul is the Quest I receive,
To Lose you then find you is the Loneliest path,
But Lover Divine, I am coming home at Last.

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