Inside the Outside


Look inside my head.
Do you see anything I said?
Do you feel my loneliness?
Do you dare to test?
To test the patients of me?
What's on the outside?
Compare me to the inside.
I feel nothing but an uncontrollable rush of emotions,
All suggesting unprepared temptations.
Can you hear my screams?
Not ever selected for teams.
I am the loser,
A constant booser.
Drugs are the answer,
So it seems,
But they just make me decay faster,
That's not what I'm after.
I'm in search of my master,
She is what I'm after.
She will look after me,
She is the one who will set me free.
She will show me them
Inside of the Outside
Outside of the Inside.
Show me which path to ride,
Show me who's on my side,
Tell me when to hide,
When to seek pride.
Quote of the moment:
As the economy gets better, everything else gets worse.

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