Shadow Hawk

Sparkling like a priceless gem,
Your eyes glisten, a living diadem.
Touched from the past brought forth Today,
And once again my Heart is brought to bay.

I remember when we rode the Field,
Banner flying, raised the shield,
And then the time we loved and lost
And the unforgiving sea claimed a deadly cost.

Once in a village, poor and downtrodden,
Once with new birth our life was broken,
Lover I remember you when,
Ages past we wandered a glen.

Many lives have come and gone,
But for a while, with you I would be alone.
An oasis in the desert of life,
An island of Joy in an ocean of Strife.

It seems so strange the day we met,
Our eyes crossed briefly and our gazes met.
Stars in our eyes we heard them say,
But then you had to turn away.

Departing you went with backwards gaze,
My eyes followed you gently and my heart was ablaze.
Visions of the Past and Future days,
And all I could see was the Sun's bright rays.

It seems so fateful that you walked in that day,
And to your smile my heart fell prey,
Eyes that dance filled with moonbeams of light,
While under your breast beats a heart filled with Life.

Into my arms I call you to me,
Eager our love to set free,
Into the air, like Hawks on the wing,
My love I give to you without any strings.

You say that you need time to be sure,
Lover, I tell you, that our love will endure.
This lifetime or next, only time will see,
But sooner or later, our love it will be.

Shining like diamonds caught in the sky,
A beacon for others, calling them to fly,
Showing no limits, teaching others to be free,
Visions of Love and Life we will be.

03-12-89 14:07

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