Prayer to the Sun

Savannah Skye

I pray to the sun
Oh Surya Namaskar
To invite in your ever-present light

I stretch up to the sky
Oh Surya Namaskar
To greet your face's light with my heart

I now reach down to touch Mother Gaia
Oh Surya Namaskar
Where for She, Her manna is your light

I stretch back to my right
Oh Surya Namaskar
To open up that side to receive your divine light

I then stretch back my left to meet my right
Oh Surya Namaskar
To become full of your divine light

My forehead, chest and knees are to the ground
Oh Surya Namaskar
In prostration to your benevolent light

I arch and raise my head up high
Oh Surya Namaskar
To look in the eye of your radiant light

My feet and hands touch the ground
Oh Surya Namaskar
Where they touch on the energy
of your life giving light

I bring up my right
Oh Surya Namaskar
To receive more of your amazing light

My left again meets with my right
where my hands and feet meet
Oh Surya Namaskar
To receive fully your gracing light

I stretch back up to the sky
Oh Surya Namaskar
To give many thanks for blessing me with your light

I say many prayers to you
Oh Surya Namaskar
For sharing with me your light

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