The Prophet


Hot black coals where eyes should be,
Staring, staring, endlessly.
Into the future, visions to see,
Of Time and Space his mind is Free.

Secrets unfold before the sight,
Life and Death unveiled by the Light,
Stern words tumble from his Lips,
Bits of the future given in little sips.

Visions shared for all to hear,
But all he receives is people's fear.
"Go Away", they shout and jeer,
And the only response is a compassionate tear.

Tears for the Living, Tears for the Dead,
But there is no where that he can lay his head.
Fire in his eyes for all to see,
And in his heat is Agony.

Tears for the Living, Tears for the Dead,
And the wilderness has become his bed.
Fire in his Eyes, Agony in his Heart,
But from his fellows he must depart.

No man is a Prophet in his own land,
Family and friends they don't understand.
Wandering over the land and sea,
Alone in a Reality only he can see.

Quote of the moment:
I am always right. Except when I'm left, or bluffing.

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