The Rain Gently Falling


Storm hinges above the Horizon
Action to be taken in haste
Dark clouds rolling over, rolling
Smell of rain rushes the dust

Wind is picking up, cool in its mist
Birds take to air, riding the currents
Air swirls and twists, moving past

Rain is gently falling
By gracefulness cleans
All shines benieth touch
To this light all shall lean

Rain is gently falling
A new start to all life
Fresh, clean, pure is all
All shines anew in life

Trees whisper praises high
With uplift arms do magnify
With gentle brush bend knee

Flowers open, welcome the rain
Beauty blessed, thy blessed name proclaim
With Heaven's splendor, shine again

Repeat chorus 2x

Quote of the moment:
He who hesitates ... is dragon fodder.

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