Savannah Skye

My heart beats out an irregular rhythm
As I sit in this chair of discomfort
Watching you watching me
Stare down the alley of discontent

Vigilantly I watch, patiently I wait
For my ever present angst to pass
Forever leave, never return
Instead it chooses to remain by my side

Refuses all temptations across the way
So I hang my head up high
Inside a thoughtful noose
That will suffocate it at its root

Yes, I'd willingly give up my own life
If it meant for one kind moment
The circular motion inside my head
Would permanently cease and desist

Dig it's own grave
Go six feet under
Far below the surface of the earth
Where it will eternally rest

So I can live in quiet fortitude
Enjoying bequeathed time upon this sacred earth
As I pass through the remaining seasons of my life
While holding your sympathetic hand in mine

Quote of the moment:
It is hard for me to find the right thing to say when I find myself in a room full of cockroaches.

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