Sculpture of Mourning

Savannah Skye

War on the front lines
Indecipherable boundaries
Moribund soldiers encircle us
Dislimbed they wade through ground blood

In allegiance we push on
Quivering, bent down low
Entering enemy territory
Praying to God, hoping He's on our side

Silence is all but left behind as we separate
Our minds quickly fill with disconcerting thoughts
That shoot through our discombobulated heads
As we lurk through land mined terrain

Pushing forward, we raise our guns
Moving beyond our own limits with
"Only the strong will survive"
As our mantra of meditation

Anger and rage have become our best friends
Because at all costs, including our own sullen lives
We must duly protect our country
Along with it's long held freedoms

Suddenly the silence in our heads is broken
A round of shots has been fired
Red splatters my face, colors my uniform
I taste the smell of blood

I look over, my compatriot is lying face up
An open wound remains where his heart once was
His life has been taken by a enemy bullet
He is down for the count for good

His body lies still and lifeless
Below him crimson blood mingles with umber dirt
Organic materials left behind to create a sculpture of mourning
By orphaned hands of futile wars

Quote of the moment:
A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day.

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