Tis Just a Second Blessed


Just a twinkle of eye;
eyes meet in unison of thought;
mirrors of passion flood forth;

The time holds not them;
graced by perfection's touch;
matched together in mere glimpse;

casual is the moment;
no pressure, no rush of action;
gentle is their pace, marked in heartbeats;

escaping the grasp of locked eyes;
they converse of beliefs, strong in faith
a gentle caress of kind, past is replaced anew;

A new ground broken, new passions explored;
all things to be explored; together;
hands clasp between them they walk, bold;

the road ahead filled with obstacles;
time's test looming about them, over them, near;
confident is their gait, faith their stay, strong;

A third figure is there, with them, between them;
holding them together, between them, around them;
shining through the eyes of them, a space filled;
an urge replaced in fulfillment, a establishment of truth;

all things seem strange to behold, but sure is the ground;
things, puzzles fall into place, visions beckon forth to pass;
only hope and faith hold the fabric of this together;
this plan placed between them, and becoming of them, intertwined;

This is the way of things.. all this too shall come to pass;

Quote of the moment:
To criticize the incompetent is easy; to criticize the competent is difficult.

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