Shadow Ways to Freedom

Remy LeBeau

I walk the ways,
in the night.
Through the shadows,
do I fight.
I find the powers,
hidden within.
I find the knowledge,
tis no sin.
I find what was lost,
and carry it forth.
Twas hidden deep southward,
so I bring it north.
My soul opens,

through shadows tis freed.
To sail forth with knowledge,
and in the light to weave.
We all have shadows,
be they inside or out.
They all hold secrets,
and sometimes self doubt.
But when we search,
with minds so free.
We find powers,
that were hidden deep.
The shadows are part,
of who you are.
Fear them not,
they are like unto a star.
Of insight and wisdom,
covered from sight.
They weave to you knowledge,
lost to most light.
They give you grace,
and secrets they free.
So weave them with light,
and you,
they will gift,
not deceive.

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