Sometimes the fire burns
so Bright in your Eye's
Sometimes the world turns
Sometimes the heart beats to fast
Sometimes I don't think it will last
Sometimes I forget to breath
        when I look at you as we pass
Everyday your something new


Sometimes just like the first time
Sometimes I just want to feel your touch
Sometimes it's to much
Sometimes there is no story line


Sometimes your an electrical wire
Sometimes your the hottest fire
Sometimes your as soft as the summer rain
Sometimes your never the same


Sometimes your the harshest storm
Sometimes your as loud as thunder


Sometimes your the softest lace
Sometimes like a shadow in my mind
        just a bond that is there
Sometimes you take a form
        in my heart


a part of my heart
a part of my mind
a part of what is left of my soul

Quote of the moment:
And on the 8th day God said, "OK Murphy, you take over."

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