Spring's Glorious Awakening

Savannah Skye

Alas, Brigid has awakened Ostara, Spring's Maiden Goddess

Finally Gaia has lifted her white blanket of
beauty that has been covering the earth
during Winter's long night with her
dark cold and has finally delivered us into
the light of Spring's first glorious morning

Spring's first glorious morning
that is the start of this season's begin

For we have witnessed many dark moons that have past
since this first Vernal lunar night of Spring's
dawning sight

For on the first vernal morning of this season she is
putting joy's warmth back into our wintry cold
hearts and happiness' heat back into our winter
chilled spirits

For this first vernal morning fully awakens our bodies
to her Spring sensations

Her Spring sensations that today we will all fully revel
in as she livens us up with her wondrous seasonal
gifts of her life's warmth and love's growth

Her love's growth that calls us one and all
to rise to hear her vernal call

To rise to hear her voice that's filled so sweetly
with Spring's first greet

Spring's first greet that will pull us fully from
our soul's cave that have been in her Winter's
womb for months and are now ready to be rebirthed
back out onto Spring's eternal bed of vernal's
fertile love warmth

For Winter's darkness is at last behind us
and Spring's lightness is finally upon us
Upon us with today's glorious awakening of Spring

Spring's glorious awakening

So awake that everywhere we look

All is coming alive

So alive with her fertile
with her green
with her color
with her love

So alive with her fertile green color love

Her green color of lush green grass beneath our feet

Where, when we look carefully, we will see her new
spurts of green that have burst thru Gaia's
many layers

Her grass that has become full again for us to
roll around on

Full again to hold us in a glorious green embrace

Full again, so that when we lay on her, we will feel
safe in her green embryonic womb of pure simple love

Her green womb of pure simple love that the flowers
stand upon

The flowers that are gifts from Flora, Gaia's guardian
of these most beautiful vernal offerings that She
most generously shares with us

Oh my...

Look, her crocuses have already crept out to tell us that
Spring is about to become

Listen, they are speaking to us in nature's silent whispers
that greet us on this first day of Spring

Wait, soon there will be flowers aplenty blowing to and fro
in Spring's cool warm breezes

Soon there will be many more magnificent flowers
that will bloom out

That will bloom out to...
kiss our souls with their lingering lips
whisper sweet aphrodisiacal nothings into our ears
fill our souls with nature's kisses of soft color bliss

Such as the daffodils that are blooming out to greet us
this day with their touches of yellow

The magnolia buds that are opening with the help
of the sun's warm affection that will soon
wholly greet us with the beauty of their full
smiling faces

Oh Flora, when Your flowers bloom out so, they make our
hearts sing with joy, our spirits soar with happiness
and imbue our minds with color aliveness

Color aliveness that springs up from her fresh mud

Her fresh mud that connects us back to Mother Earth,
deep into the center of her hearth

Her hearth where we can feel our souls being rooted back
into her warmth

Her warmth that will thaw out our soul's icy layers of
illusion that have been built up by by Winter's
freezing cold

Icy layers of cold's illusion that will melt one by one
and return our minds back to the openness of the first
Spring that had sprung when time begun

The first Spring breezes that cause our soul
to stir within...

Her warm breezes that blow so refreshingly thru us
in our mid-morning walk

Her soft breezes that cool our warm minds

Her cool breezes that blow gently at night
and awaken our skin with delight

Her cool soft warm breezes that we become afloat in
as we glide thru their celestial sensations with
ethereal elation

Her cool breezes that waft thru the between of
her tree's green branches

Where the little birds set out on the edges of to
chirp vernal hymns of joy that fill this season
so beautifully

Where the little birds sing for the coming of Spring's
new dawn

The coming of Spring's new dawn that awakens us to her
season's begin with a sea of melodic songs sung by
the birds of thee

While up above the singing birds of thee

The sun embraces us with loving arms

Embraces us inside with Spring's feeling of
lightness that is deep within us

But alas, we must remember that even in this season,
the sun will disappear for bits at a time to give
way to vernal showers that bring to us divine
Spring flowers

So habibi, please try to shine down on us with your
warm face to brighten us up on most of Spring's days

As our souls do shrink when you hide away from us even for
a day, for even a day without you seems like an eternity

An eternity where, oh sun, we begin to think that you hide
behind Spring's curtain of clouds so as to build up in
us the feeling of anticipation and true appreciation
for the gift of warmth that you bestow upon us

Then finally when your last evening sky dawns over us that
is imbued with the hue of your colors horizon of an
unusual shade of almost midnight blue

We will thank you for infusing us with Spring's
energy of new

That is felt with our hearts that are true

Hearts that are true on the last night
of Spring for you


Before Spring exits and Summer enters...

We all must look around and divine down with our eyes
how Mother Nature showers us with beautiful vernal
color all the way from the tops of her trees down
to her green grass ground below that is covered
with Flora's dancing flowers

We must all meditate on how her beauty lifts our souls up
to their highest high

Meditate how she carries us from Spring's warmth into
Summer's heat on the multi-colored wings of her
beautiful butterflies from one season to the next

and most importantly...

We must all listen carefully

Listen carefully as she tells us her full Spring story
of her beautiful vernal glory

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