Time's Hands

Savannah Skye

Time's hands have delicately unlaced the corset
That has been cinching the waist of my existence

They've removed the trap my breath was caught in
That kept me from knowing the true essence of life

My lungs are expanding out into the universe
I'm moving beyond a life of barely breathing

Time's hands have extricated the pain inside my heart
That has kept me loveless under gray mourning skies

They've removed the hurt that was a burden in my hands
That tore my intimate relationships into tiny little pieces

I'm not going to live alone in isolation anymore

I'm going to love open and free in the wilds of the woods
With an mellifluous heart that's not bound by life's taboos

Time's hands have pried open my impermeable mind
That has been hibernating inside comfort far too long

They've removed phrenic layers of apprehension
That have cursed my restless thoughts with anxiety

I'm not going to live inside procrastination anymore

I'm going to let my mind travel to Seseine's realms
Let it drink in the gratification of life's divine temptations

Time's hands have pierced my visions of tomorrow
That have been locked inside my dreaming eye

They've removed the veil of illusions blinding me
That kept me from seeing beyond today's tears

I'm not going to live inside oblivion anymore

I'm going to move beyond yesterday's seclusion
With guidance from my inner 3rd eye divination

Time's hands have freed my imprisoned soul
That has been caged inside a lifeless existence

They've removed the chains that bound me to my past
That kept me from seeing the sun rise over the moon

I'm not going to live inside dissolution anymore

I'm going to dance with the muses 'til the end of time
Under endless skies of creativity that I hold in my hand

Time's hands have woken my hidden dreams
That have been sleeping inside disquieting fear

They've knocked down the walls surrounding me
That I built with my own two distrustful hands

I'm not going to live inside apprehension anymore

I'm going to fly on wings of imagination to the ends of the universe
Where I'll drink in the stars as I soar through the celestial skies

NOTE: Photo from http://www.uiowa.edu/~fyi/issues2002_v40/08022002/photos/Ikarus1974.jpg

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